Friday, April 22, 2005


I’ve seen some unlikely things at Forward>> over the years. But never did I expect last night’s session.

Never did I expect to see Jammer shocking out to DMZ’s set, flashing his lighter, nor slamming his hand on some future-Augustus Pablo-style dubplate by Mala and licking it back, dreads flailing.

Never did I expect to hear Skepta MCing over a DMZ riddim. Nor seeing Fiddy skanking to Mala’s "Neverland."

Never did I anticipate seeing the whole of Roll Deep bouncing to Skreamz’ Late Night Request Line, nor having the chance to turn to Wiley and say "oi do you know Skreamz? He made this tune." Shaking hands with Skreamz, I never expected Wiley to say "yeah yeah this tune’s big."

Speaking of Wiley, I never expected to see him DJ at Forward>>. Yes DJ, with God’s Gift tweaking the faders and JME, Skepta and Jammer pon the mic.

I never expected to see Mala explaining what faders did what to Wiley in the same DJ booth.

But I did.

Certain Forward>>s – by audience – had got a bit overly, well, Rephlex of late. It’s always amazing to see some balance, with the east mandem inside. Because that’s when FWD>>s at its strongest: when it’s LDN’s sonic crossroads.

PS: If you don't believe me check out George South Drumz' shots including a wicked one of Fiddy flashing da lighta, Mala and Wiley in the same booth, Gift looking serious! and me with, erm, a glowing forehead.

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