Thursday, June 16, 2005

Don't call it a comeback...

yesyes it's true: DMZ03 will feature me pon decks.
many thanks to DMZ for spreading the love.
in the meantime get ready for some fresh new dubz.

Originally uploaded by Blackdown.

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Blackdown said...

my set list from DMZ03

Part 1...

1. Blackdown 'Overload Riddim' (dubplate)
2. Blackdown 'Crackle Blues' (dubplate)
3. Dusk + Blackdown 'Drenched' (Keysound test press)
4. Blackdown 'Whitechapel' (dubplate)
5. Dusk + Blackdown 'Submerge' (Keysound test press)

Part 2

6. Dusk + Blackdown 'Malarial Mind'(dubplate)
7. Blackdown 'The Danger Line' (dubplate)
8. Blackdown 'ZGK'(dubplate)
9. Kode 9 + Spaceape 'Kingstown (vocal) (dubplate)
10. Target + Riko 'Hands Up' (dubplate)