Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pirate presha

Pirate's Dilemma

If you don't know Matt Mason, he's my previous editor at RWD magazine and predicted the funky movement years ago.

Anyway, since leaving RWD he's emigrated to NYC and rocked it by writting a book that subtly drags the 'nuum to the Americans: "Pirates Dilemma."

Now, in a new overload media age, I'm a slow reader, so I thought I'd blog it now rather than wait until I finish it in 2009. So far, it seems to be weaving a path between disparate cultural phenomena, finding common cause in web 2.0 empowerment and subversion of culture. Checkit...


Anonymous said...

Wow, the US-release cover art is decidedly less-awesome than the UK's.

Looks like a good read, though, thanks for the pointer.

Martyn @ 3024 said...

ordered it now