Monday, December 08, 2008

Margins Music makes Observer albums of the year

"Margins Music" has made The Observer 50 albums of the year. We're officially bigger than Guns & Roses!

Shout to Emma Warren, without who's advocacy, this would never have happened. Shout to Charles/Nomad too.

UPDATE: We made The Wire top 20 of 2008. Rah.

Also look out for "The Bits ft Trim" on Rough Trade Shops's compilation "Counter Culture 08" out in Feb.

UPDATE 2.0: Out to Dusted Magazine, who put our album in their list not just once (in the top ten) but twice.

UPDATE 3.0: Out to Simon Reynolds, who puts our album in his top 16!!!

UPDATE 4.0: Time Out Chicago put "Margins Music" in their top 10 Dance/Electronic albums of the year. It's an album about London, Time Out London where are you?! Par.

UPDATE 5.0: It's made Melissa Bradshaw and Jonny Mugwump end of year round ups too.
As well as Boomkat's top 100, Starkey and T++'s top 10.

UPDATE 6.0 It's South Africa's The Weekender's album of the year.


Anonymous said...


Blackdown said...

Chris you legend, bigup!

Elijah said...

I tip my eHat to you and dusk. Only guns and roses I check for is vol.2 from ruff squad

Blackdown said...

Bigup to you too, Elijah!

Anonymous said...

Well done, much deserved, and big up Emma. And Charles - he's a good guy, he delivers.

Tom Lea said...

in the wire top 20 too. nice work.

and 'focus' is in fact top 100 tracks of the year:

Pete said...

Well deserved too. The album's absolutely luscious.

Anonymous said...

You definetely deserve the accolades.
Makes me want to visit Londo again. Love the atmosphere.