Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pitchfork July

joy orbison

New Pitchfork column from me on Joy Orbison and the impact of the funky explosion. For a wider discussion check the debate in the comments box of the post below this one.


Uber music blogger said...

I just heard this hot new dubset tune, which is deffo gonna blow. remember who told you first:

pulse eskimo said...

1st fail. :(

Anonymous said...

wheres the dubstep chatter ???

DJ Other Voices, Other Rooms said...

Martin - just wanted to write and thanks for all you do to promote this music. I've been reading your Month in... column for a couple of years now. I grew up in the American South of Indie and Hip Hop, about 1996 I heard King Tubby and developed an interest in Dub. With that background I started reading your articles, which opened up a whole world of music I had never heard. I live in Athens Georgia, a small, pastoral college town - kudzu, railroad tracks, tropical humidity, everything a little rusty and laid back - its a long way from Croydon. While Athens exports no shortage of great Rock bands - I would have probably never heard Dubstep if not for your writings. Dubstep reminded me of all the dark, urban, British electronic music I loved when I was young (still do really) Joydivision, early New Order etc. Dubstep led me to the Soul Jazz "Rumble in the Jungle" compilation, which led me to the Ragga Twins, the most influential band I had never heard. I still can't get into Grime - the rap and the tracks are just too fast, I prefer my native slow, syrup and weed induced country-funk. More UGK than UKG.
I DJ a vinyl only dance party once a month at a club in town. During the summers I call it Dub Housing and play everything from Boris Gardener and U-Roy to Kode 9, with stops in between for every era in the evolution of Soundsystem Culture. Soul Jazz records excellent compilations and re-issues make this possible, especially the Dub Box and Steppa's Delight series. I did a Dub Housing night last Friday and cheated a little on my "vinyl only" creed - I rocked Joy Orbison's Hyph Mngo (off the Ben UFO mix) and yes - it sounded majestic booming over the PA outdoors on a summer night. Anyway - thanks for all you do. A few of us out here in the sticks are paying attention.

- DJ Other Voices, Other Rooms

Anonymous said...

Is funky really exploding though? I appreciate that if you're in the thick of it, it may be all you hear and see but for the majority of even underground music followers it's completely off their radar. At the moment it still seems to be along the lines of bassline and niche....widely blogged and talked about but rarely heard in clubs and on radio to any great extent. And a couple of slots on rinse does not equal a London takeover really.