Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save Plastic People 2


Is it the last FWD>> at Plastic People tonight?

If so, I'm not being funny but...

THERE'S STILL TIME FOR EVERYONE (including hackney residents who missed the first deadline) TO SEND A LETTER TO THE FRIENDS OF PP COMMITTEE:

PO Box 302
Rosden House
Old Street
LondonEC1V 9LT

These letters will be considered by Hackney licensing at a later date. The more of these there are, the more it will show how much we love the venue and how many people across the globe are against its closure. Same goes for petition signatures:

Sign the petition here. ~8,000 people from the Facebook Group haven't yet!


Anonymous said...

We're on a mission. Support the cause, sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

~8,000 plus alot more of the 45000 dsf members should take the 3 minutes

Ronan said...

I don't get Facebook people.

Unknown said...

Petition signed :-)