Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rinse August

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Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM August 2010 tracklist:

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Drake "Fireworks (Deadboy's Tearkjerking slo-mo house refix)" [unreleased]
Myd & Sam Tiba "Next Novel" [Scion A/V]
Gella "Twinkle (ID & Baobinga remix)" [unreleased]
Spooky "Punanny Buddy" [unreleased]
Slackk "Eski Clicks" [unreleased]
D1 "Champers" [unreleased]
Walton "Sweet Sensi" [unreleased]
C.R.S.T. "The Bells (Girl Unit remix)" [unreleased]
Unknown "Pulso" [forthcoming Hemlock]
Damu "Sequinny" [unreleased]
Hackman "Phantom remix" [unreleased]

LV ft OK Malum KoolKat "Keep it on the DL" [unreleased]
Tiga "Gentle Giant (Paul Johnson dub)" [unreleased]
MJ Cole & Wiley "From the Drop" [unreleased]
Untold & Roska "Myth" [forthcoming Numbers]
Tru:Tek "Asphixia" [unreleased]
Funkineven "A Heart Pound" [forthcoming Eglo]
Vibezin "Hot 4 U" [unreleased Keysound]
Hissy Fit "Out Door Life" [unreleased]
Shortstuff "See Ya" [Ramp]

Vibezin "Vicious" [unreleased Keysound]
Milyoo "Classic (VVV remix)" [unreleased]
Melé "Kanopa Riddim" [unreleased]
Psychonaught "I Just Want You" [forthcoming Formant]
Ms Bratt ft General Levi "Selecta (remix)" [unreleased]
Helixir "Space Travelling" [Undivided]
Kuma ft Juakali "What It's Not (Grievous Angel remix)" [unreleased]
Damu "Ridin" [unreleased]
Balistiq Beats ft Riko "Yardman Riddim" [unreleased Keysound]
Falty DL "Sunday" [Tempa]
Nikki Slim Ting ft Tempa T "Parring Guys" [unreleased]

Cedaa "Escalade" [unreleased]
DJ Traxman "Compute Funk" [Bangs & Wurkz compilation on Planet Mu]

Faulty DL "Oddssey" [Planet Mu]

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MarshallMar said...

Jesus, that "LV Keep it on the DL" choon is killing me. Cant stop listening to it