Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rinse September

rinse fm get a  licence

Me & Dusk were Rinse FM on Thurs. I've got that "good dubs month" feeling already The good dubs premonition was true... New Zomby showcase!!!

Download it HERE. New rules this month though, as the audio of all those dubs is yours for free, you have to leave a comment to let us know what you're feeling or what you're not...

***Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM September 2010 tracklist***

DOWNLOAD it here>>>

Darkstar "Two Chords" [forthcoming Hyperdub]

Hackman "Untitled" [unreleased]
El-B ft Natasha "I Feel (Maddslinky's 4x4 remix)" [unreleased]
Velour "She Wore Velour" [Night Slugs]
Bias & Gurley "Roll (Blackdown remix)" [unreleased Keysound]
Damu "Crystal Gae" [unreleased]
Doc Daneeka "Cops" [Ramp]
Brackles and Shortstuff "Good Foundations (Martin Kemp remix)" [forthcoming Ramp]
MJ Cole ft Wiley "From the Drop (LViz 1990 remix)" [unreleased Prolific]
Raffertie "Rank Functions (Ital Tek remix)" [forthcoming Planet Mu]
The Fives ft Hayley Miller "It's What You Do (Hottest By Far)" [unreleased]

Ghostek "Barricades" [unreleased]
Sully "It's Your Love" [unreleased]
Nehuen "Time after Time" [unreleased]
Mickey Pearce "What's Mickey Talking About?" [unreleased]
Nehuen "80s" [unreleased]
Price "Touched" [L2S]
The Bug ft Warrior Queen "Poison Dart (Scratcha DVA remix)" [forthcoming Ninja Tune]

***Zomby Showcase September 2010***

Zomby "Tear Zero"
Zomby "TX1"
Zomby "Untitled"
Zomby "Zebra"
Zomby "Zebra 2"
Zomby "Untitled"
Zomby "Control"

Damu "Karolina's Magic J" [unreleased]
Amen Ra "Candy Rain" [forthcoming Keysound]
VC Moon "Bragging (Desto remix)" [unreleased]
Becoming Real ft Trim "Showdown in Chinatown" [forthcoming Not Even]
Teeth "Frequencies" [unreleased]
Dusk "Fraction (Kowton remix)" [unreleased Keysound]
VVV "Across the Sea" [unreleased]
Double Helix "Chamber of Light" [forthcoming Keysound]

Udachi "Swagger (Baobinga RMX)" [Palms Out Sounds]
Jamie Woon "Night Air (Ramadanman remix)" [Candent Songs]
Falty DL "Voyager" [unreleased Planet Mu]
Darkstar "Deadness" [forthcoming Hyperdub]
The Count and Sinden "You Make Me Feel So Good" [Domino]


Jimmy said...

Hi Dusk, we are two decadent freemasons who use to order wine by mail.Bye.

p.s Been missing the Zomby Showcases.
Show is gold.

Jimmy said...

Hi Dusk & Blackdown, we are two decadent freemasons who use to order wine by mail.Bye.

p.s Been missing the Zomby Showcases.
Show is gold.

allwhitelegos said...

Who did the Ms. Dynamite 'What You Talking About!?' remix in this one? Huge.

Blackdown said...

Mickey Pearce from Blunted Robots did the refix. Sick ain't it? Bulletbroof mixdown... Eski funky donks FTW...

JJ said...

got a tracklist comin soon?

all Zomby tunes were sik as was wot u talkin about remix.

cheers for the Zomby tunes

darnold said...

excellent show...tracklisting?

Anonymous said...

bigups from germany, it was mental even though i missed the zomby parts because a mate called.

would love a tracklist tho, if that's possible

Anonymous said...

nice to have you two back on rinse. can you id the first song pls?!

Daniel said...

easy bruv, ramadanman refix of that jamie woon track was sickest tune iv heard in months.

also any chance of an id of the track before it.

Blackdown said...

@Daniel, the one before the Jamie Woon remix was Udachi - Swagger (Baobinga RMX) - Palms Out Sounds


CrowleyHead said...

Just started checking it out, looking forward to the new Zomby showcase.

This Hackman tune where he cuts up Benga & Kutz is a nice one though. Also glad to see some new Sully.

Paul said...

Cool! No LV this month tho....?

Blackdown said...

We had the B-side to "Boomslang" but didn't get a chance to play it. LV are quality over quantity kinda guys though, so there's no rush...

Logos said...

Zomby mix is firing - igloo sounds are so inspiring right now - EXTREME TERROR!

Blackdown said...

Logos, longtime listener!!!! Where you been fella?

Logos said...

Trying to write beats - failing - but still listening. Huge show as usual.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jamie Woon tune!!!

AndrewQuag said...

Baobinga is killin it the track from last month was so hot too

Anonymous said...

Gurley on Keysound - nuff said!

Anonymous said...

big up from India! Great show! loving all the new bits :)

Plank said...

those nehuen tracks were sick

Anonymous said...

killing it in seoul, south korea, darkside, suburbs.

Socho said...

Scratcha DVA remix of poison dart is killer. Loving teh zomby showcase too

Bihari Gy├Ârgy said...

is this thing still available? i know im slow and all, but would love to download the show!

Blackdown said...

yes Jurij, just click on the download link...

Anonymous said...