Monday, October 18, 2010

Rinse October

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Me & Dusk, were on Rinse FM recently (thurs 28th), download the podcast...

oh and same rules as last month, in exchange for all this freshness mixed into a podcast, please leave a comment as to what tracks you are or aren't feeling...

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM October 2010

Damu "Be Free" [unreleased]
Mosca "Dance" [unreleased]
Cassie "Me & U (Brackles remix)" [unreleased]
Dubbel Dutch "Fool in You VIP" [unreleased]
HGLDT & Hissy Fit "Last Summer Dub" [unreleased]
D51 "OD (Dubbel Dutch remix)" [unreleased]
Mickey Pearce "Mickey Loves Cassie" [unreleased]
Donaeo "Pon Da Floor Oi Mate rmx" [unreleased]
Coobe Beats "I Love to Dance" [unreleased]
Domecq "Crash" [unreleased]
Walton "Miami Blues (iGrade remix) [unreleased]
VVV "Falling Low" [unreleased]
Funkysteps "You Got It" [unreleased]
Zabu "Radomer" [unreleased]

Logos "Kowloon" [unreleased]
Becoming Real "Like me ft Trim" [forthcoming]
Zomby "Molten" [unreleased]
Zomby "Execution" [unreleased]
Zomby "Digital Rain" [unreleased]
Sully "Scram" [unreleased]
Sully "iKnow" [unreleased]
Sully "Bonafide" [unreleased]

Truth "Amnesia" [unreleased]
Horsepower "Rain" [forthcoming Tempa CD "Quest for the Sonic Bounty"]
SP and Youngsta "Unidentified" [forthcoming]
Subswara "Vagabond Knowledge ft Eric Fraser" [forthcoming]
James Blake "Limit to Your Love" [Atlas]
JoStance "Hey Girl (Teeth remix)" [unreleased]
Teeth "Shawty" [unreleased]
Distal "Apple Bottom" [unreleased]
Amen Ra "Birth" [unreleased]
Blixaboy "I Will End You" [unreleased]
Talen ft Lady Saw "Batgyal (Kalbata remix)" [forthcoming Mouthwatering records]

My Dry Wet Mess "LA No Brainer" [Magical Properties]
Bloom "Mango Tango" [unreleased]
Taz "Gold Tooth Grin" [forthcoming Numbers]
Riko "Make Way" [forthcoming]
Swedeart "Underpurpled (Dandario remix)" [unreleased]
Bloom "Sun Kissed" [unreleased]
Dubbel Dutch "Act A Azz" [unreleased]
My Dry Wet Mess "Diagonal People" [Magical Properties]
Virgo "Boy Betta Know" [forthcoming No Hats No Hoods]


Frank said...

Aaah, looks good !! What do you play on there, I'm really curious :)

Nehuen said...

looking fwd to hear it!

Anonymous said...

THAT was a big show

monopus said...

wicked show! really loving the "shut your mouth" grime-ish tune 25 minutes or so in.... and of course the zomby bits 'n little eski tangent. Thanks DnB!

Taz said...

Cheers for the inclusion, sir! :)

Anonymous said...

It's almost annoying how much unreleased stuff there is that I CAN'T HAVE. That Brackles remix of Cassie is incredible beyond all belief. I listened to this mix in my car and I had to roll down the window as I could not contain the sheer emotional energy inside that vehicle.

Blackdown said...

hahaha, upfront is what we do... for you lot!

the cassie refixes are coming out i believe on the sly... at some point ;)

Dan said...

Agreed with the Anonymous dude above. I would gladly dish out my wage on many of these tracks. Teasers the lot of you.

The new Zomby material is predictably wicked, like how you brought in Teeth too. Who is Domecq? (I need to know these things or it really pisses me off...)

Blackdown said...

dont worry Dan, many of those tracks will come out, in time... i'm sure.

I'm not sure Domecq is saying who he is just yet but perhaps he will.

Andi said...

hi - thanks for the tunes.

I'm probably not a member of your target audience (too old) but I stopped by to listen because I've often enjoyed the music you play and release. I listened to the show up to the Sully tracks - I enjoyed those, the piano on 'Bonafide' worked well and I thought the tempo worked - and the Zomby tracks were built well, although I don't enjoy his stuff much, it's like drinking fizzy pop.

the first set had some interesting beats in it (Dubbel Dutch, D51/Dubbel Dutch - hmm, there's a theme developing) and I liked some of the space but I still haven't got my head round the way you young people use synths, it seems clunky.

I would happily listen to the Mickey Pearce/Cassie tune some more, though, everything worked well together and the vocal has a nice quality.

thanks again, it's back to the pipe and slippers ...

cheers, Andi

joshi said...

that damu track is such a feel good tune! the melodies are spot on. is this another keysound signing?

Blackdown said...

Yup :)

Anonymous said...

Large! So nice to see so much people doing melodic and interesting sound.

Anonymous said...

Cassie remix is too much.

Anonymous said...

I think, i don`t have to write more than saying tanks for all these great hours of music you give to us every time you`re on Rinse. It`s always a pleasure! Big up, you 2

nathan melon said...

probably one of the best shows you guys have put on in the last couple months. very very big dusk and blackdown!

Anonymous said...

big shouts to you man... keep it moving.. coobe beats

Ekphrasis said...

great show! -- some good energy and great tunes -- I had trouble identifying the artists with the playlist, but wouldn't change a thing, -- thanks for making the music available,


Anonymous said...

Bit late I know but I wanna dl Oct but it links to August show 260810.

Blackdown said...

That should be fixed now, to show the Oct audio, thanks!