Sunday, February 06, 2011

Boiler Room: Keysound takeover

Dusk + Blackdown

Dusk + Blackdown - Untitled
Bias & Gurley – Roll
Bias & Gurley – Roll (Blackdown remix)
Kowton – Looking At You
Blackdown – Untitled
Sully – It’s Your Love
Blackdown – Untitled
Dusk & Blackdown – Untitled
Damu – Be Free
D51 – OD (Dubbel Dutch remix)
Blackdown – Untitled
Dusk & Blackdown – Untitled
Sully – Encona
Bad Autopsy – Rotpot
Maxwell D & Bean – Funky Eskimo
FunkyStepz – Cut Above (Original Mix)
Eastwood – U Aint Ready (Walton Refix)
Original Face – Hullabaloo
Dusk & Blackdown – Dasaflex
Omni Trio – Soul of Darkness

LV ft Joshua Idehen

Morgan Zarate – SP
Sunken Foal – You Who Are Kings (LV Remix)
DJ Elmo – Whea Yo Ghost At (LV Bitter Blend)
LV – Boomslang (LDFD Bootleg)
LV (ft. Joshua Idehen) – Tough
LV (ft. Okmalumkoolkat) – Zharp
Fleon Secoca – Badman
Kevin McPhee – Get In With You (LV Remix)
Josh Roseman – Thoroughfare (LV Remix)
LV (ft. Okmalumkoolkat) – DL
Death Comet Crew – Galacticoast (LV Remix)

LV & Joshua Idehen’s Live PA ft tracks from the LP "Routes" [Keysound]

Amen Ra (LHF) b2b Vibezin

Groove Chronicles VS Beatnut – Music
Monie Love – Slice Of Da Pie (El-B Remix)
Skykap – Wanna Ride (Skykap Remix)
Maxine – Crazy (Skykap Remix)
Unknown – Wait
Vibezin – Ultra Funkular
Double Helix – Unknown
Vibezin – Vicious [Forthcoming Keysound]
Double Helix – Inferno (2010 Mix)
Vibezin – Mad Sick [Forthcoming Keysound]
Amen Ra – Together
Vibezin – Hot 4 U [Forthcoming Keysound]
No Fixed Abode – So Rare
Vibezin – Get Fucked Up
Low Density Matter – After 8
Vibezin – The One


Anonymous said...

Great sets all round. Any news on "Dasaflex"?

Blackdown said...

dasaflex will happen just not yet, glad you're feeling it though, bigup.

monopus said...

Man o man nice work there Keysound crew! The LV set is quite a piece of work.... listened to it at least three times last week... glad to see your set up, D&B... been wanting to revisit it since the night of the live webcast... loving yall's new bits!

Logos said...

Some mad hatcha/8 bar thing in there...reminds me of dub express...think its one of yours. Fire!

Blackdown said...

The one that goes 'pop pop pop pop...?'

Logos said...

Its the one before Sully - Encona...that little warped bass noise; 04 business.

Blackdown said...

yeah that's me and Dan...

allwhitelegos said...

Glad you guys did decide to go with so much of your own material for this one. Every single set here has inspired me in some way.

Big up Blackdown & all the Keysound family.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, do you got a download link for these? thaks