Friday, March 18, 2011

King of the stars

M45 Pleiades

Dear everyone,

I'm confused why "King of the Stars" by Original Face is not a massive anthem yet. What say we all get together and make it one? Yeah? YEAH?!!!

OK nice, lesdoitden.



Unknown said...

I've been repping this tune ever since I heard it on Whistla's set on about a month ago (I'm Spellcheck in the comments on the soundcloud). As I mentioned there, it reminded me of Flash Gordon, and I actually went and watched some old Flash Gordon serials upon being inspired by this piece of beauty. I advise everyone to do the same as that show is amazing.

cólz said...

I'd never heard it before but it's joyous, really nice. Blown away!

Anonymous said...


Already heard it, but never found what it was! THank's for that hint!

JSteveKane said...

Reminds me of a couple of the female vocal tracks on the transit kings album and the vocals evoke childhood memories of my first records on pickwick papers

Unknown said...

Nice 1

JSteveKane said...

for some reason it also reminds me of a jungle club called innersense i used to go to in South east london