Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is the single biggest influence on how you buy music?

Something's been on my mind recently and rather than stew in my own juices, I wanted to ask you guys.

We live in an era of a very wide distribution of types of media and given that it's hard to tell what matters any more and what doesn't - especially to underground music fans.

Do print magazines matter any more? Are podcasts like shouting into the ether?

Sometimes for Keysound I wonder so hard I don't know any more. So I'm asking you guys. How do you chose to buy music, apart from what the track sounds like of course?


maurice said...

Why only one possibility? There are so many different influences, in our time you don`t just follow one medium, and forget about all the others-you surely know that very well! If I`d known, that the print magazines didnt have a vote, i´d voted for it, because i do read music magazines and newspapers, as well as i listen to podcasts, mixes, read online magazines etc.... So,I think, a poll with many possibilities would be far more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your monthly podcast is like a shopping list for me.


Gareth Night Tracks said...

I would really like a regular "bass" magazine, sometimes just nice to sit down and hold something. I could talk so much about what influences me to buy music, there's just so many factors.

Ayon said...

For me, it's a matter of who rather than how. The medium of distribution is still secondary to the actual musicians/critics who i appreciate.

This means that I'll cop a track whether it's posted on soundcloud, put on a mix, played on the radio or written about in an article but it will most likely be from artists and dj's i regularly follow, regardless of the wide variety of mediums available.

It's notable though that the different mediums also have different dimensions of accessibility, meaning your own judgement of a track isn't as immediate or direct for better or worse. A critic's review on XLR8R or The Wire will give that extra layer of insight as opposed to listening to a track uploaded directly on soundcloud. Same goes for tunes dropped in mixes, as these would immediately provide tangents and connections in terms of the sound. In my opinion, this just shows that most mediums have their own advantages, therefore the best bet is just to get on all of them!

Anonymous said...

How come there no option of listening in a record shop, i go down to tribe in leeds and listen to all the new tunes in there. I know these sort of places are dying out but but theres still a few gems around. Plus si scott (Exodus) runs the place so the recomendations are always top notch!

Anonymous said...

reddit.com/r/futuregarage has opened my mind to more new things than any blog. Often when people post stuff that doesn't really belong, haha.