Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rinse Jan

Me & Dusk were back on Rinse this Thurs 11pm. It turned out to be quite an eventful one as Dusk's entire CD selection was refused by the CDJs and I'd only brought one CD per genre/tempo. Soooo I rolled out some of our club-only freshness, slipped out a few future Keysounds and Dusk & Blackdown beats.


Balistiq Beats “Concrete Jungle [Yardman riddim] (Beneath remix)” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Wicked Vibez” [unreleased]
Walton “Sanka” [unreleased]
Logos “Error 808” [unreleased Keysound]
Coobe Beats “Dutty Skank” [unreleased]
Gremino “Rupi (Dusk & Blackdown VIP)” [unreleased]
Funkystepz “Shocker ReFix” [free download]
Dusk & Blackdown “We Ain’t Beggin’” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Apoptosis” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Ridge” [unreleased]
Logos “King Mob VIP” [unreleased]
Dusk & Blackdown “Dasaflex” [unreleased]
Rihanna “We Found Love (Funkystepz mix)” [free download]
Champion “1994” [unreleased]
Fabien “Ride” [unreleased]

Clueless “On the Street Dub” [unreleased]
DJ Q “Final Boss” [Butterz Winter Zip 2012]
Blackdown “Hypergrime” [unreleased]
Blackdown “R in Zero G” [unreleased]
Trim “Notice Now (Elsewhere Remix)” [Butterz Winter Zip 2012]
Kuhn “Slime Beach” [Civil Music]
Slackk “Blue Sleet (from Raw Missions EP)” [forthcoming Local Action]
Slackk “90 Years” (from Raw Missions EP)” [forthcoming Local Action]  
Slackk “Fat City” (from Raw Missions EP)” [forthcoming Local Action]
Gremino “Another Take Me Away” [unreleased]
Amen Ra “Naysayings” [unreleased]
Donae’o “Move To Da Gyal Dem (Mensah RMX)” [forthcoming]
DJ Enme “Showtime ft MC Crazy D” [unreleased]
The Two. Fifteens “MBISON” [forthcoming Stripes album]
JME & Teddy “JME” [Grime: the compilation]
DOK “GRIMMMMMMMMMM” [Butterz Winter Zip 2012]
Teddy & Dot Rotten “Confidence” [Grime: the compilation]
Teddy & Tempa T “Spray Dem” [Grime: the compilation]
Ghetts “Karma” [Momentum free mixtape]
Ghetts “In a Zone” [Momentum free mixtape]
Orson + Hops “Kraut” [forthcoming Version]

All our old Rinse shows are archived here.


Anonymous said...

listening to it now mate! cheers for your sick blog, nice one! Steel

Anonymous said...

wicked show. release dasaflex soon!!