Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LHF Fabric takeover

Ahead of the LHF album launch at Fabric next week, we're going to be unleashing a bunch of articles to celebrate the night. There's going to be free mixes, crate digging of classics, light randomness and more.

I'll link to them all here. As the first step, Oli Marlow has written some kind - and quite personal - words about Keysound.

Update 1: Download Logo's top5 grime sets of all time.
Update 2: Download a free production showcase mix by Vibezin (United Vibes).
Update 3: 6 videos LV have watched more than once.
Update 4: Sully's guide to 2step swing.
Update 5: Double Helix's jungle selection
Update 6: my guide to the history of Keysound's visual identity

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