Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rinse May

Dusk & I were back on Rinse last Thurs 11-1am. Download the audio here

Damu "Echelon" [unreleased]
Mite and E-Walk "Body Tap" [forthcoming B YRSLF]
Hissy Fit "Buried" [unreleased]
Cooly G "Playin' Me" [Hyperdub]
Mista Men "Relentless" [unreleased]
Falty DL "Encompass" [unreleased]
Mistamen "Corner" [unreleased]
DJ Funeral "Poeng Ka Poeng" [unreleased]
Cooly G "Trying" [Hyperdub]
Mickey Pearce "Tempted" [forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen]
Cooly G "It's Serious (feat. Karizma)" [Hyperdub]
unknown "Vybezin" [unreleased]
Kanvas "Forget The Future" [unreleased]
Dobie "Hustle With Speed" [Big Dada]
Wonder "Something You Should Know Feat Trim (Kozee Graver Remix)" [forthcoming]
Threnody "Tribal" [unreleased]

Benin City "Baby (LV remix)" [unreleased]
Girl Unit  "Ensemble (Club Mix)" [Night Slugs]
Girl Unit "Club Rez" [Night Slugs]
Mr Mitch "Superfreak" [forthcoming]

Moleskin "Murmurs in the Booth" [unreleased]
Wen "Nightcrawler [unreleased]
Bloom "Quartz" [forthcoming]
XLII "Rasclap" [Civil Music]
Moleskin "That time we stole a car and drove it to Jupiter" [unreleased]
unknown "Downtown" [unreleased]
Visionist "Coldharbour" [unreleased]
Visionist "Rise Again" [unreleased]
Visionist "Dank" [unreleased]

Swindle "Under the Sun" [forthcoming]
Girl Unit "Rezday" [Night Slugs]
Terror Danjah "Fruit Punch" [unreleased]
Rude Kid "Get Busy ft Skepta (Funkystepz Loveshy Vocal Mix)" [forthcoming]
Sight "Piigs (Walton remix)"
Luna Bedouin (LHF family) "Inner thoughts about the man"

You can still grab last month's show here and download all the Dusk & Blackdown Rinse shows back to 2008 here.


Anonymous said...

where's the mp3? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms

Anonymous said...

any chance of a tracklist?

maurice said...

Amaaaaazing show, brilliant work, big up from cologne, send some Keysound gigs, please ;)

Anonymous said...

Encompass (the falty dl tune) isnt unreleased, its on the love is a liability LP on planet mu.

lol i guess you just assume every tune is unreleased at thus point ;)