Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM show May 2013

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM show May 2013



E.m.m.a. ft Rebel MC "Jahovia" [unreleased]
Facta "Ghost" [unreleased]
Sunday Roast "Get Ready" [Sunday Roast]
Brunks "Taiki" [forthcoming Brunks BRNK001: vinyl only]
Jungle 70 & Majestic "Creeping in the Dark" [forthcoming Public Demand]
Killjoy "Inaudable Badness" [forthcoming Tumble Audio]
Apple "Seigelizer (Logos refix)" [unreleased]
DJ Mondie ft Shizzle "Straight (DJ Samrai edit)" [unreleased]
Huxley "Walk 2 U" [Rinse]
My New Leng "Elite VIP"  [unreleased]
Damu "Shutters Up" [unreleased]
Kalbata "Barbara" [forthcoming GreenMoney Recordings]
Caski "Elephant Tribe" [forthcoming Subdepth]
Stuff "Gun Ho (Pedro 123 remix)" [Crystal Culture]
P Money "Bring in the Katz" [taken from the #MAD mixtape]
Walter Ego "Baby Benz" [Girls Music]
Taiki Nulight & My Nu Leng "Levels" [unreleased]
Hagan "Move Units" [unreleased]
Atlas "Honest" [unreleased]
Parris DJ "We at War" [unreleased]
E.m.m.a. & Sully "Nostrum" [unreleased]
Epoch ft Luke Benjamin "Empty" [unreleased]
Rabit & Grievous Angel "Keysound Posse Cut" [unreleased]

Breen "Channels" [unreleased]
Murlo "Irises" [unreleased]
Awe "YYY" [forthcoming Terrorhythm]
Murlo "Untitled" [unreleased]
Desto "4AM" [forthcoming RWINA]
DJ Q "Trust Again (Rabit Trust The Pulse Remix)" [unreleased Local Action]
Rabit "Wolf Spider (Epoch remix)" [unreleased]
Rabit "Double Dragon (Logos remix)" [unreleased]
Peaman "Mind (Breen's Sleazy Peamix)" [unreleased]
Logos & Mumdance "Turrican 2" [unreleased]
Acre "SILVR" [Lost Codes]
Lockah "Let the cool air breeze" [Donkypitch]
Mooney "Barge" [unreleased]
Etch "Old School Methods" [unreleased]

Sully "M141" [unreleased]
Sully "Zero Sum (tease)" [unreleased]

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