Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rinse FM June 2013

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM June show AUDIO HERE.

Mumdance & Mao "Truth" [unreleased]
My New Leng "Remember In U" [Black Butter Records]
Mumdance & Mao "Truth" [unreleased]
Nativ "Shifty" [unreleased]
The Midas Jay "Infiltrate 2013" [unreleased]
Murlo + Famous Eno "Ariel" [forthcoming Mixpak]
Funkystepz "Butterfly" [Forever Live Young]
Dark0 "I Know" [unreleased]
Bigspace "Pepe Skank remix" [unreleased]
Myth "Semagi" [unreleased]
LKDbeats "Laos" [unreleased]
Arka "Severan" [unreleased]
Arka "The Other Way Around" [unreleased]
Hagan "Malfunktion" [Car Crash Set]
Hagan "AfroDub" [Car Crash Set]
Champion "Friday 13th" [Hyperdub]
Aphix "Sin King" [unreleased]
Brenz "Dead"  [unreleased]
Wen "It's Alot"  [unreleased]

***Luke Benjamin showcase***

Luke Benjamin "It's Mad World" [unreleased]
Underclass, Rabit & Luke Benjamin "Conceal The Pain" [unreleased]
 Luke benjamin "Asha" [unreleased]
luke benjamin filter dread "Goddess" [unreleased]

Epoch "Steppenwolf (Gantz remix)" [unreleased]
Amen Ra "Entrapment" [unreleased]
TOYC "Keyframe (Bloom remix)" [forthcoming Crazylegs]
Richelle "Bendin' (Samename Remix)" [unreleased]
Rakish "Mooch" [unreleased]
Dark0 "DNT Phone Me" [unreleased]
Facta "Zodiak" [unreleased]
SP:MC & Youngsta "Kenshin" [Tempa]
Blind Prophet and Self Evident "Regeneration" [unreleased]
Inkke "Like Silk" [unreleased]
Distal "Ancient Scripture" [unreleased]
Moleskin "Pipes" [unreleased]
Rabit & Arctic "World" [unreleased]

Carrion Sound "Back to Black" [unreleased]
Desto "Healing (Alternate Take)" [free D/l]


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