Monday, October 28, 2013

Butterz v Keysound tracklist

Download it here.

Butterz v Keysound tracklist

Dusk + Blackdown

Dusk + Blackdown "Back to go FWD>>"
Ard Korp "iPolice"
Epoch "Steppenwolf (Blackdown remix)"
Plasticman "Shallow Grave (Wen remix)" [forthcoming TerrorRhythm]
Balistiq Beats "Rise the Machines [Yardman riddim] (Sully remix)"

Parris + Wen

Wen & Parris "untitled"
Wen & Parris "untitled"
Acre "Symbols"
Wen "Signal"
Wen & Parris "Time"
Wen "Vampin''
Etch, E.m.m.a, & Parris "Purgatory"
Wen & Parris "untitled"

Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin "Sleeping giant"
Luke Benjamin "Confidence (Rabit production)"
Luke Benjamin "Pray For Change"
Luke Benjamin "Asha"


Moleskin "The docks (8 bar tool)"
????? - ?????
Moleskin "Chain"
Akito "Dragged & Dropped 032"
Moleskin & Neana "Spectral Dancehall"
Moleskin "We Been Ready"
Moleskin "Turnt on"

Mumdance & Logos

Lee Gamble "Rufige"
Pinch & Mumdance "Turbo Mitzi"
Mumdance & Logos "Untitled"
Gage "Telo"
Logos "Menace VIP"
Mumdance & Logos "Turrican 2"
Dj Hoodcore "Phyre"
Miss Modular "Snakeskin Swoosh"
Slackk "Stasis (Local Action)"
Mumdance & Logos "In Reverse PIV"

Blackdown b2b Parris b2b Wen b2b Moleskin b2b Mumdance b2b Logos

DLVRY "Guilty"
Facta "Ghost"
Wen "Celestial"
Moleskin "Clemency"
Logos ft Dusk + Blackdown "Alien Shapes" [forthcoming Keysound]
Apple "Seigelizer (Logos refix)"
Mumdance & Logos "Wut it do (12" mix)"
E.m.m.a. "Kingfisher"

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benny froobs said...

etch's face in this picture is brilliant

this was a huge mix, enjoyed listening to this one the other day.

coincidentally the day before i heard this mix i commented on an article, "be nice to hear some more parris beats". was not disappointed.