Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dusk + Blackdown Oct Rinse FM show

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM 31st October show: DOWNLOAD

Ghetts "Definition of a rebel" [unreleased]
Luke Benjamin "Pray for Change" [unreleased]
Unknown "unknown" (e.m.m.a. remix) [unreleased]
Luke Benjamin "Sleeping Giant" [unreleased]
Luke Benjamin & Amen Ra "Black Fog" [unreleased]
Caski "Dancehall" [unreleased]
Mistamen "Dred" [unreleased]
Brackles & Fox "Skank" [unreleased]
My Nu Leng "The Grid (Alias remix) [forthcoming]
Akkord "Folded Edge" [forthcoming Houndstooth]
Damu "Whirlybird [unreleased]
Sepia "Look around you" [unreleased]
Rakish "Reminisce"[unreleased]
Sepia "Escapism" (unreleased)
Dark0 "Skelly VIP" [unreleased]
Krytical "Tachi" [unreleased]
Atlas "False Dreams" [unreleased]
Sepia "Bullets" [unreleased]
Double Helix "Solidarity" [unreleased]
Aphix "Torn (Mix 1)" [unreleased]


Rabit in the mix

Headlock "Coax" [unreleased]
JT "Oil On Ice" [unreleased]
JT "Twin Warriors(Rabit Remix)" [unreleased]
Shriekin Specialist "Red Beach" [unreleased]
Rabit "Double Dragon(JT Remix)" [unreleased]
Chemist "Defiance" [unreleased]
Mistress "Crystal Warrior" [unreleased]


DLVRY "Guilt" [unreleased]
JT the Goon "Money can't Buy" [unreleased]
Joker "Deserted island" [forthcoming Kapsize]
Wen "Lunar" [unreleased]
Zoobi "Klubi " [unreleased]
JT the Goon "Twin Warriors (Murlo remix)" [unreleased]
Breen "Case Delay" [unreleased]
Mssingno "Xe2" [unreleased]
Chaksa "Tuhikya" [unreleased]
Sully "Charms" [unreleased]
Om Unit "Wall of Light" (Civil Music)
Desto "Now that you got me" [unreleased]


Pablo said...

The link is dead... could u re up it?

Anonymous said...

The link is dead...

Could you please re up it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like rinse is having podcast issues