Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dusk + Blackdown archive page launched

Rinse FM

Something I've been meaning to do for a while is this: an archive page for all our old mixes.

Most of them are Rinse shows that are no longer hosted by Rinse but I've included the two older Keysound Radio mixes and a little exclusive to launch the page. Out to the reader of this blog who sent me the only archive we have of our old Groovetech show.

Dusk and I took over the Dubplate.net show on now-defunct internet station Groovetech when 1Xtra was founded and recruited Ghost's Jayda Flex, which dates it to around August 2002. This show comes from November 2002 but ironically I'm not there as I was doing shift work for 1Xtra. So Dusk runs the show solo for nearly three hours. Enjoy...

Dubplate.net Show on Groovetech Nov 1st 2002

· Download it here.

· Download all our old Rinse mixes here.

PS if you have any more of our Groovetech shows, please can you send them over?

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.Spec said...

It's a shame the Groovetech archive isn't online anywhere. I used to have that station on almost 24/7 back in 2000 up until they went under. They had them available back then, and despite the bitrate not being all that hot it's still be cool to check some of the old shows out.