Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rinse that nuum

The Hardcore Continuum? A discussion

Presented by the Centre for Cultural Studies Research, University of
East London In association with The Wire


Wednesday April 29th 2009 2:00pm-6:00pm

Simon Reynolds'’ commentary on the ‘'hardcore continuum'’ - the
mutating sequence of dancefloor music to have emerged from the
breakbeat hardcore matrix of the early 1990s - has recently generated intense debate in the musical blogosphere.

What is the value of this concept? Does it still usefully describe the
context from which dynamic new beat musics emerge? Can the conditions of creativity in the 1990s be replicated in the era of web 2.0? Should we even want them to be?

Speakers: Mark Fisher (K-Punk), Alex Williams (Splintering Bone
Ashes), Steve Goodman (Kode 9), Lisa Blanning (The Wire), Dan Hancox (Guardian, New Statesman), Kodwo Eshun (Author of More Brilliant than the Sun), Joe Muggs (Mixmag, The Wire), Martin Clark (Blackdown), Jeremy Gilbert (Co-author of Discographies)

Attendance is free but pre-registration is recommended. For info or to register contact

Location: UEL Docklands Campus (Cyprus DLR) Room wb.1.01

For full travel details see this or this.

Room wb.1.01is located on the first floor of the West Building (the
building to the right upon entering the main square from Cyprus DLR)

UPDATE: Oi Oi, Mr Reynolds has launched a pre-emptive strike!


CliftonSantiagoTeleVasquez said...

Honestly, you & Kode should air Reynolds out, live in lecture, for trying to dismiss and smear up the 'wonky' artists just because he doesn't get it. Probably because it doesn't fit his beloved 'hardcore continuum'. Aside from that, looking forward to the show as always.

hero-business said...

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'poise said...

Wow, so many masterminds in one place - wished I could be there! Will it be recorded for the public? I'd like to listen to it...

S said...

Really enjoyed your contribution today mate. It stood out as a good example of honest and well considered commentary, as opposed to some of the more experimental ways of thinking about music.

So what IS the hardcore continuum again?

Blackdown said...

an excuse to pontificate about music? no shame in that tho :)

Anonymous said...

reynolds is way behind.

sdukdj said...

was good day...but
did anyone catch what the list of 'toxic colors' that steve and kodwo were talking about?