Sunday, December 20, 2009

LHF Keepers of the Light vol 2

LHF: "Keepers of the Light Vol 2"

"Echos from a forgotten past and an unborn future... The plot got thick."

Download it HERE.


Solar Man- "Light and Dark"
Solar Man- "Life Rhythms (Babylon Must Burn)"
No Fixed Abode- "Beginners Mind"
"Do For Self" (SKIT)
Amen-Ra- "Mountain Top Guru"
Double Helix- "Voyages"
Double Helix- "Eastern Philosophies"
Low Density Matter- "Bright Sparks"
Double Helix- "TSR-1"
No Fixed Abode- "Touch n Go 2"
Amen-Ra- "Boiling Point"
Low Density Matter- "Reach out 2010"
Double Helix- "96 Flavas (No More Games)"
Amen-Ra- "Fragments of a Love Story"
"Grit Skit" (SKIT)
Amen-Ra- "Final Chapter"
Amen-Ra- "Trifle"
Low Density Matter- "Midnight Oil"
Amen Ra feat. No Fixed Abode- "Gradual Alignment"

UPDATE: Erm, have you checked this yet? A madness.

Photo by Cayusa.


Toby said...

'This file is unavailable until Jan. 4, 2010 because the uploader's account has reached its download limit.'

Anyway it could be hosted on a different site? :/

fractal said...

reup please! i bet its tasty

Inta said...

new link anywhere?

namhenderson said...

working for me.

Anonymous said...

new link:

Blackdown said...

i fixed it. enjoy...

Rabbi von Sydow said...

Well Tasty!

Inta said...

who what when where? Is this related to LHF or is it totally unrelated? Some light please. serious sounds going on there

Blackdown said...

yup this is all 100% LHF material...

Randogg said...

another source? plz, help a brother from Chile.

Blackdown said...

doesnt this work link fella?

Anonymous said...

fresh link for Keepers of the Light Vol.2

rob said...

waited a while to give this a spin - holy jesus this is heavy. first bit sounds like coil doing "dubstep" - heavy.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before... but can we just start calling LHF the new Metalheadz? Kthxbye.

Andrew said...

I downloaded this before going to bed and now I CAN'T go to bed. Really heavy and lovely business.

globalnoise said...

I can't find this anywhere and I miss it. Any suggestions or chance of a re-up?