Monday, November 29, 2010

Rinse November

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Me, Dusk, Rinse FM and some new music. Last Thursday, DOWNLOAD the podcast now...

Plus, leave a comment please, I wanna know what you were feeling or not feeling!

***Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM November 2010***

Jamie XX "Far Nearer" [forthcoming Numbers]
T-Polar "Siren Street" [unreleased]
iGrade "Check It" [unreleaded]
slackk "Linger/Maybe" [unreleased]
HGLDT "Knowing You" [unreleased]
Baobinga and Hyetal "?" [forthcoming Build]
Eastwood "R U Ready (Walton refix) [unreleased]
The Phantom "Night Game Hackman remix" [forthcoming]
Visionist "Come In" [forthcoming]
Taylor "CMB (Raffertie Mix)" [forthcoming Super]
Maxwell D "Funky with Bars (Lighter Riddim)" [unreleased]
Jamie George "Flying Saucer" [forthcoming Roska Kicks & Snares]
Damu "Waterfall of Light" [unreleased Keysound]
Original Face "Hullabaloo" [unreleased]
Miss Doctorr "4x4 (Unknown Soulja rmx)" [unreleased]
Arp101 "Side Flush" [forthomcing Eglo]
Damu "Ether" [unreleased Keysound]
Amen Ra "Low Maintanance" [unreleased Keysound]
Egyptrixx "Rooks Theme" [forthcoming Night Slugs]
Baobinga & Hyetal "?" [forthcoming Build]

Starkey "Playing With Fire" [forthcoming Civil Music]
Salva "Blue" (My Dry Wet Mess Remix) [forthcoming Friends of Friends Music]
Starkey "Holodeck" [forthcoming Civil Music]
Mr Mitch - "September" [unreleased]
Taylor "CMB (Girl Unit Remix)" [unreleased]
SBTRKT "Golddigger" [unreleased]
Darq E Freaker "Cherryade" [forthcoming Oil Gang]
sensi star ??? [Oil gang]
Gremino "Finneskimo" [Free download]
DOK "Chemical Planet (Dark Tone Sound remix)" [forthcoming Butterz]
Gremino "Drumbeat" [Free download]
Frisco "Keeping It G_'d Up remix feat Ghetts" [unreleased]

Double Helix "Base 2 Dark" from "EP2: The Line Path" [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Point B "The Veld" [unreleased]
Addison Groove "Work It" [forthcoming Swamp 81]
I.D. "Feudal" [unreleased]
Darqwan "Flow So Hot ft MC Shinobi" [unreased]
Mizz Beats "My World (Om Unit remix)" [unreleased]
Royal T "Side Effect (Asa & Kahn Remix)" [forthcoming]


HGLDT said...

those gremino (sp?) beats are next level

Unknown said...

rewind at 25:00, had to be done!

ontop said...

pure class as always - i look forward to these every month. will we get a tracklist at some point, always good to put a name to something..

two way said...

that maxwell d track was perfect

Anonymous said...

damu tunes are rinsing, that original face tune is amazing too..

and those gremino tunes, so heavy!

thanks, these mixes are all ways a great way to expand on what's good n going on

desto said...

Tracklist is looking very very tasty indeed, looking forward to this and so is my mp3 player. Off to the streets i go...

Unknown said...

Whole thing is great, need to hit you up Martin about bookings and stuff for next year.. Will get in touch over Twitter (@SteveyD)

windtravels said...

Great show as ever!

You missed instra:mental - leave it all behind off the playlist though ;)


windtravels said...

Please igonre that last comment, I got podcast confusion! fail.

Anonymous said...

those damu bits are incredible - euphoric in the best way possible!

Anonymous said...

Is the song after the unknown soulja remix. Arp101- Side Flush?

Coulda sworn i've heard it on Benji B's show a little while ago.

Great show as always. Loving Damu and the new Starkey bits.

nathan melon said...

loved that girl unit refix of CMB i was gonna put it on youtube since i saw it was unreleased but googled it and first hit was a november 2010 release on boomkat.


so yeah it looks like it has been released, girl unit is my producer/dj of the year. ever since the fact mix i been hooked

SCOTTY said...

Really diggin the whole mx.

SCOTTY said...

holy shit, 25 minutes in is aces. Really killing it there. Dark as.

pollywog said...

really feeling Nero, Datsik and Skrillex ATM :)

Blackdown said...

PollyDubmug me ole mucker, so you **are** alive? I thought you were dead/sectioned...

Oh and yes Dero is my <3 fave too and Natsik. Brodatious!

pollywog said...

heh...nah i've retired to a life of leisure in the country by the beach here in NZ

i see you still mostly makin and pimpin beats no one wants to hear...

all power to you, my friend. i admire your tenacity


Benzo said...

can anyone explain me , why I can't download the show anymore?

I would love to hear it, since I havent missed a show untill now.

Blackdown said...

The offical Rinse links expire. fixed now...