Saturday, February 11, 2012

LHF "Keepers of the Light" Keysound Recordings

"Keepers of the Light"
[Keysound Recordings]
2/4/12 2xCD and digital.

Video by Skely Tor, a Light Keeper who responded to some intergalactic signals. Shout to all the true Light Keepers.

"EP3: Cities of Technology"
20/2/12 on 12" and digital

"Keepers of the Light" tracklist

No Fixed Abode "Secret Lagoon"
Amen Ra and Double Helix- "Steelz"
Amen Ra "Candy Rain"
No Fixed Abode "Sunset" (Mumbai Slum Edition)
Amen Ra "Essence Investigation"
Double Helix "Supreme Architecture"
Double Helix "LDN"
Double Helix feat Low Density Matter "Rush"
Low Density Matter "Questions"
Low Density Matter "Blue Steel"
Amen Ra "Simple Things"
Amen Ra "Low Maintenance"
No Fixed Abode "Strangelands"
Amen Ra "From Whence We Came"
Amen Ra feat Double Helix "Broken Glass"
No Fixed Abode "Indian Street Slang"
Amen Ra "Fairytales"
Amen Ra "Akashic Visions"
Amen Ra "Hidden Life Force 2"
Double Helix "No Worries"
Double Helix "Bass 2 Dark"
Double Helix "Chamber Of Light"
Double Helix "Inferno"
Double Helix "Deep Life"
Double Helix "Voyages"
Amen Ra "One Toke Wonder"


michael said...

no vinyl? why?!

tortuwire said...

I'd like to discuss the possibility of a LHF live performance in Madrid. How can I contact them? Thanks a lot.

ab.rivera.duque (at)

Unknown said...

..... . . and then that beat dropped, and it all made sense.

Anonymous said...

the sully press was of such a poor standard that i wouldn't ever buy a keysound vinyl again anyway.

sort it out blackdown.

Blackdown said...

@anon: that's fair comment, as i've heard it from other people, though i've never actually heard the vinyl that's as bad as certain people claim nor were the TPs... and I hope I never do. i hope you get to hear one of our 12"s again and it's up to your standards.

vinyl = thankless task.