Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Download Moleskin's "Winterplains Feat. Rob The Kid"

Moleskin's 'Satis House' EP for Keysound came out yesterday and to celebrate I have an exclusive track to give away, produced by Moleskin himself and featuring Oakland's Rob the Kid.

If you like it, maybe you'll give Moleskin's EP a listen too:

Download Moleskin "Winterplains Feat. Rob The Kid".


Here's a little bit about how the transatlantic collaboration happened, by Moleskin himself:

"'Winterplains' is a part of the 'Satis House' project. It came about when me and Leo from Ao-Ao were talking about Oakland and Main Attrakionz winter 2012. He was showing me a couple other Oakland rappers and he showed me this video:"

"I really liked it so got in touch with Rob and it just rolled from there really. It wasn't too hard to get in touch. I think I got in touch on Twitter. This was maybe the 2nd or 3rd beat I sent? "Winterplains Feat. Rob The Kid" is just cold to me, like the wind in the background."

  • Buy Moleskin's "Satis House" on vinyl now and get the digital free here.
  • Read my full interview with Moleskin from November 2013 here.

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