Monday, October 30, 2006


“I’m from a place where, there’s only t’ugs
Machines get bussed
Every morning!

Rapid gets classic mournful PAUG bars out of Maxwell D for Ruff Sqwad’s latest Detroity-stringy-grime anthem (as heard on Logan’s show).

Mantis: out now on Keysound.

Post-Diwali, a friend bringing along a kilo of jalebi sweets to eat to make me feel sick. What fiendish culture devised sweets that are pure, sticky, deep fried sugar?!!

Trunk monkey and Riding Dirty.

Jason Burke on the rise of the Taliban . My favourite journalist on the planet.

Hilarious “fuckiit” phone conversations with Kode9. Laughing is good for the soul.

Paul Autonomic’s blog. Much welcomed hub for his writing. God I wish more people wrote (well) about dubstep regularly.

“The Cure and the Cause” – as heard twice in one Friday evening. I headed out to WasteLondon (shudder) only to hear Spoony (!!) drop it in the V&A foyer and DJBoringHouseDJ play it in some DJ bar. Urban and posh London united?

New Dizzee LP. Not heard it yet. I want to though.

FWD>> weeklys: I’m not sure. Mala, needless to say, was fucking sublime the other week. “Learn,” “Bury the Bwoy,” “Crays Cray” remix, “Jah Power Dub,” “City Cycle”. Need I go on?

Dubsta’s Shackleton mix. I can never think of one Skull Disco tune to exchange a relative for, but yet collectively they seem to have generated a body of work too distinctive to ignore. Different, right now, is good.

Other bloggers not blogging much anymore. Magazines going shit/irrelevant/indie I can take, but the blogging massive… please no!

Plastician’s LP: 44.7 minutes long. Less is more!

Dot Alt link Ruff Sqwad. Am feeling Dirty Danger's "Back and Forth" - pure Diz circa 03... i miss them days... *sniff*

Zumpi Hunter by Terror Danjah popping in my inbox. Iliiiiikeit. Just where did Terror go of late?

Amusingly named footballers. First there were the footballers with two first names or surnames, i.e. John Terry and Barrington Belgrave. Frank Lamp-hard is amusingly Ronseal. Then there was of course Dean Windass and Danny Dichoff. Now Watford have a player called Shittu!

Pinch. New day, new IM message from Pinch, “did I send you this one yet?” The boy’s ondisting right now! “One Blood” and “Rise and Fall” get my vote.

Reams and reams of so-so, half baked, unmixed, copycat cloned, ooh-look-I’m-so-fucking-dark-and-hard-and-angry-me-
-what’s-that-mum?-yes-I-know-its-past-my-bedtime halfstep “dubs.” I don’t know whether to shout or cry.

Female vocals. Mary J Blige’s “Be Without You”, Hindi gems by Yeh Kya Hau, Cassie. I need some soaring vocals to purge all the above child’s play.

Female r&b vocals, mournful dubstep (Forensix’ “1st Dynasty”), Hindi Bollywood Gems, Mercston & Ghetto’s “Good Old Days” and Punjabi floorshakers emptying the floor at parties. “Yes the bloke playing 80s cheese will be back, grrr….”

Crunk, Hyphy, Snap. Raw suddenly means mean more.

Making beats. The only thing that can stop me sleeping at night.