Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rinse Dec 14 & Jan 15


Dusk + Blackdown rinse Dec '14 tracklist

Jakob Glock "Passing Time" [unreleased]
Hodge & Facta "Spheres of Costa Rica" [Tempa]
Roska "Wave" [Kicks & Snares]
Cimm "Bladed" [unreleased]
Walton "Wrench" [unreleased]
unknown "Outcry" [unreleased]
Cimm "Blackout" [unreleased]
Sepia "Introduce the game" [unreleased]
Matta "Decoder" [unreleased]
Detboi "Pin Point" [unreleased]
Detboi "The Hunt" [unreleased]
DAT Oven "Icey Lake (Mickey Pearce remix)" [unreleased]
Roska "Light Dem Up ft. Illaman" [Kicks & Snares]
The Crane "Ascendancy Pyromancy Flame" [Scrufix]
Qualified “Take that away” [forthcoming]
Luke B "Don't Get Better Than Me And You (Sully remix)" [unreleased]
RIP Productions “Back Again (Unreleased DJ Mix)” [forthcoming]
Folding City "Ice Riddim" [unreleased]
DJ Q “Ordinary People” [Q Recordings]
Catching Notes "Our Sound"  [unreleased]
Zed Bias "Shizam ft. Stylo G & Scrufizzer [My Nu Leng Remix]" [Black Butter]
unknown “IMY” [unreleased]
Hybrid Theory "Thats What It Is (Flava D Remix)" [forthcoming]
Mr Mitch "Hot Air" [Planet Mu]
Walton "Bulldoze" [unreleased]
Rabit "Air Port Systems (Underclass RMX) [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “Wot do you mean?! (Epoch's S.D.O. Remix) [unreleased]
Amen Ra "Natural Boost" [unreleased]
Matt Wizard “Rainbow Road” [unreleased]
Thriftworks "Pearly Whites" [Bandcamp DL]
Matt Wizard “Cosmic Ray Gun” [unreleased]
Swindle "Summer Fruits" [Brownswood Recordings]
Torus "Ethereal" [Rwina]
Sharp Veins “Pompelmo” [Coyote]
Damu “Holed up in the Hovel” [forthcoming Keysound]
unknown “Moko” [unreleased]
Novelist x Mumdance “Shook (Vocal)” [XL]
First Grandson "Dried Prawns" [Inna Riddim]
Mr Mitch “Wandering Glaciers” [Planet Mu]
Atlas "Solitude" [unreleased]

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM Jan ’15 tracklist

PHSNWSKY “Mystic” [forthcoming]
Logos “Omega Point” [unreleased]
M.E.S.H. “Scythians (Logos Remix)” [released]
Aphix "Into Spheres" [unreleased]
Wen “Pace Myself” [unreleased]
Venin and Knowledge "Soundboy Digs Own Grave Before Kissing His Wife and Children Goodbye" [unreleased]
Okzharp & Samrai “Gated” [unreleased]
unknown Cutting Spree [unknown]
J-One “Some Vibez” [unreleased]
Eva 808 “You Know” [unreleased]
Parris DJ “Let's Stretch, Then Workout!” [unreleased]
Lamont and Piezo "Jack Flash" [unreleased]
Damu whirly bird [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Gage "Telo (Suda remmix)" [free DL]
Truce One Blood [unreleased]
unknown “Method” [unreleased]
Lorenzo “Fantasies” [unreleased]
Double Helix “Exodus” [unreleased]
Logos & Mumdance “Dance Energy (89 Mix)” [forthcoming Tectonic]
DJ Leukos “Untitled Riddim (Mike G Remix)” [Car Crash Set]
Terror Danjah & Zed Bias ft. Olivia Louise - Telepathy (Original Mix)
Madd Again! (ft. Specialist Moss) "Dem Ah Pree" [unreleased]
Detboi “Scatter” [unreleased]
Beat Pharmacy “Roll Call" [unreleased]
Sepia “Patience” [unreleased]
unknown "Out Here" [unreleased]
Amen Ra “Natural Boost” [unreleased]
Richelle "Don't Do (Samename remix)" [Free DL]
Madd Again! BAWLOUT [forthcoming]
Footsie "Move to the beat remix" [Butterz]
Wiley “Morgue (Gage fukup)” [free DL]
Just Geo "Ain't Your Thing" [unreleased]
Just Geo “Blue Tick Gang”
Loom "Burning Chrome" [forthcoming Slit Jockey Records]
Just Geo “Steady On (RF mix)”
Just Geo "Emerald City" [unreleased]
Matt wizard “Snow Forever” [unreleased]
Paper Tiger “No I in Cream” [unreleased]
Matt wizard “Jupiter Jam” [unreleased]
Fresh Paul “Blue Knuckle” [forthcoming]
Fresh Paul “Crushup” [forthcoming]
Deadboy “One” [unreleased]
House of Black Lanterns “Code of the Streets” [unreleased]