Sunday, December 20, 2009

LHF Keepers of the Light vol 2

LHF: "Keepers of the Light Vol 2"

"Echos from a forgotten past and an unborn future... The plot got thick."

Download it HERE.


Solar Man- "Light and Dark"
Solar Man- "Life Rhythms (Babylon Must Burn)"
No Fixed Abode- "Beginners Mind"
"Do For Self" (SKIT)
Amen-Ra- "Mountain Top Guru"
Double Helix- "Voyages"
Double Helix- "Eastern Philosophies"
Low Density Matter- "Bright Sparks"
Double Helix- "TSR-1"
No Fixed Abode- "Touch n Go 2"
Amen-Ra- "Boiling Point"
Low Density Matter- "Reach out 2010"
Double Helix- "96 Flavas (No More Games)"
Amen-Ra- "Fragments of a Love Story"
"Grit Skit" (SKIT)
Amen-Ra- "Final Chapter"
Amen-Ra- "Trifle"
Low Density Matter- "Midnight Oil"
Amen Ra feat. No Fixed Abode- "Gradual Alignment"

UPDATE: Erm, have you checked this yet? A madness.

Photo by Cayusa.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rinse Christmas special

Rinse FM

Last year we finished the year with Trim live in the studio. It's been a great year musically for us on Rinse and we wanted to celebrate that and get into the festive spirit. In 2009 the spirit of house & garage have run through so many styles of music, from new school 2step to UK funky, dark, dubstep-influenced house to grime-inspired no bass workouts.

In this spirit we put together a Christmas special show, rammed with guests, live on Rinse.

The lineup was: Dusk + Blackdown v LHF v Kowton v El-B v Joy Orbison. Bigup Kowton for trekking all the way from Bristol, shout to El-B for getting the curry in before he took the mic. The snow made getting to and from the studio a bit of a mission but it all came together in the end.



Endgames "Ecstacy (Jam City remix)" [unreleased]
Slide Bros "2-step Lover" [Confetti Records]
Roska "I Need Love" [unreleased]
Hanuman "Bola (Atki2 remix)" [Idle Hands]
Mutaburaka "Dis Poem" [Guidance]
Mood II Swing "All Night Long" [Groove On]
Nubian Mindz "Be Alright" [Neroli Records]
Nu Birth "Anytime" [XL]
Gant "Sound Bwoy Burial (187 Lockdown Dancehall Mix)" [Positiva]
Wbeeza "Heavy Stuff" [Third ear]
Dusk + Blackdown "Dasaflex" [unrleased]
DNG 2 "DNG 2" [white Label]
Joy Orbison "GR Etiquette" [unreleased]
Fuzzy Logic "In The Morning" [white label]
Jammin' "Kinda Funky (Wookie Mix)" [Bingo]
Allstars (Steve Gurley) "What About Us (Crazy Dub)" [Allstars]
Maxine "Crazy" (Sky Joose Remix)" [0181 Records]
El-B ft Mirikal "We Don't Play" [unreleased]
Geiom "Reminissin'" [Berkane Sol]
Zed Bias "Keep it Moving" [Ghost]
El-B "untitled" [Ghost]
Joy Orbison "Waxes & Wanes"[unreleased]
Hard House Banton "Reign" [Spoilt Rotten]
Geeneus feat. Ms Dynamite: "Get Low (Crackish)" [unreleased]
Lil Silva ft Maxwell D "Blackberry Hype" [unreleased]
Steve Gurley "Power" [Power Records]
Mosca "Gold Bricks, I see Ya" [unreleased]
Suburban Lick "Here Comes the Lick (original dub)" [Locked On]
Modeselektor "Art & Cash (Sbtrkt Broke mix)" [unreleased]
Basic Channel "Phylyps Trak II" [Basic Channel]
F. Off Productions "unknown" [F. Off Records]
Joy Orbison "Untitled" [unreleased]
Kowton "Countryman" [Keysound Recordings]
Chiapet "WestWorld" (YoshiToshi)
Burial "True Love VIP" [unreleased]

Woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Worries in the dance!

Our older shows are archived here.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Grievous Angel Mix 2 and LHF sign to Keysound


Download it HERE <---- updated link

0:00 DJ Premiere: Beat1 (Instrumentals)
0:41 Wiley / Various Productions - Sinner (Logan Sama mixtape)
3:25 The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? - Joker Remix
8:05 Grievous Angel: We Want You (Belief is the Enemy CD)
8:28 Erykah Badu: Telephone (New Amerykah Part One CD)
12.07 Kryptic Minds: 768 (Tectonic 12")
15:23 Kromestar: BassBin (A Selection of Works CD)
17:04 Pinch & Moving Ninja: False Flag - Kryptic Minds Remix (Tectonic 12)
18:08 Jill Scott: What We Had (Grievous Angel re-edit)
18:56 Jill Scott: Crown Royal
19:54 Blackdown: The Drumz of Shanghai (Keysound Dubplate)
23:14 Silkie: Mattaz (CD)
27:45 Silkie & Harry Craze: Favela
30:28: Grievous Angel: Harpy (Keysound 12)
30:00 23Hz & Numaestro: Zumo - Sully Remix (unreleased)
33:38 Atki2: Time Freezes (unreleased)
37:44 Grievous Angel: Magic Dub (unreleased)
40:59 Ends

To finish the celebrations of the release of "Margins Music Redux" here's a second exclusive mix from Grievous Angel. Check the clip of "...Margins Redux" here...

In addition Grievous and I have been speaking to Tom @ Fact magazine. As well as the news of the Skream and LV 12"s on Keysound there's word that LHF have signed exclusively to Keysound.

Given we all knew Sully, Grievous, Kowton, Skream and LV were badmen, LHF have been the discovery of 2009 for me. With an EP due on Keysound early next year and an album to follow, I can't wait to share the layers upon layers of their sound.

Like I said in the Fact piece together they've got this sound like Sun Ra's hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens. Buried inside one corner of the LHF collective is a junglist fighting his way out: these guys have got drumz. Then there's another part of them that is lost in LA, their wonky beats falling off of the grid. Other members of the collective remind me of Horsepower's ability to transport you to lands far, far away: to Bollywood films or damp Brazilian riverbanks.

I'm just lost in their sound right now...

So, to end this rambling blog post, next Thursday 17th is our last show of the year and to go out with a bang, we're planning a Dusk + Blackdown Christmas Garage & Funky special.

We're inviting lots of special guests: who would you like to see on a UKG + funky tip?