Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rinse FM Mar 2011

Our Rinse FM show from last thurs 11pm.

Kidnap Kid "If" [unreleased]
Blackdown "???" [unreleased]
Marcus Price & Carli "Bubbelgum (Sam Tiba Remix)" [unreleased]
Kode9 "Neon Red Sign featuring Cha Cha" [forthcoming Hyperdub]
Walton "Untitled" [unreleased]
Bass Jackers & Apster "Klumbu remix (DJ Seany B remix)" [unreleased]
Jay Weed "On the Nile (Becoming Real remix)" [unreleased]
Champion "Lighter" [unreleased]
Atropolis "NYChero" [forthcoming Dutty Arts]
Logos "King Mob" [unreleased]
Martin Kemp "Cracks" [unreleased]
Champion "1994" [unreleased]
Melé "Mugged" [unreleased]
Altered Natives "Ghost Hands" [unreleased]
Teeth "Vibrate" [unreleased]
Wiley & MJ Cole "From the Drop (Hint remix)" [unreleased]
Parralax "Watching" [unreleased]

2BiT "Real Life Fantasy" [unreleased]
Albert "Side Showed Out" [Studio Rockers]
Zed Bias "Hidden sorcery" [unreleased]
Kanvas "Flip the Script" [unreleased]
Jay Weed "Dazzled" [forthcoming 502]
Sines "Memory Walk" [unreleased]
Clueless "Fast Forward" [forthcoming L2S]
Silkie "It's Late" [forthcoming Deep Medi]
Clueless "Jazz Lick" [forthcoming L2S]
Peverelist "Dance Until the Police Come" [forthcoming Hessle Audio]
J:Kenzo "Protected" [Forthcoming Tempa]
Instra:mental "Rift Zone" [forthcoming]
Wiley & MJ Cole "From the Drop (Dark Tone Sound remix)" [unreleased]
SBTRKT "B Surley" [unreleased]
Giggs "Heavy Heavy (Caski Remix)" [XL]

R. Kelly "Be My#2 (Dubbel Dutch R&G mix)" [Dutty Artz]
Jamie Woon "Lady Luck (dbruits Suave Remix)" [forthcoming Polydor]
Sully "4am" [unreleased]
Damu "1,2 Sigh" [unreleased]
Koreless "Up Down Up Down" [unreleased]
Roc Marciano x 3:33 "Scarface (3:33 Mix)" [unreleased]

Friday, March 18, 2011

King of the stars

M45 Pleiades

Dear everyone,

I'm confused why "King of the Stars" by Original Face is not a massive anthem yet. What say we all get together and make it one? Yeah? YEAH?!!!

OK nice, lesdoitden.