Monday, November 23, 2015

Dusk + Blackdown November '15 Rinse FM tracklist

**Dusk + Blackdown November '15 Rinse FM tracklist**

Yonurican “Boriken Soul (Agrippa edit) [unreleased]
Lack “Span” [unreleased]
Ramsey & Fen ft Rikko, Lynsey Moore “I’m Ready (DJ Fen Deep House mix)” [Bug Records]
Kiri & Nab "Ain't Nobody" [unreleased]
El-B “Running” [Vex]
Lorenzo BITW “Shall we Roll” [unreleased]
J Hus “Lean & Bop (Syv_Remix)[Black Butter Records]
Ahadadream "Gunshot" [unreleased]
Walton “Agu” [unreleased]
Lack "Zoomtec" [unreleased]
Yak & Agrippa “Rosa” [unreleased]
Murder He Wrote "DS9 Riddim" [forthcoming Sounds of Sumo]
OKZharp & Samrai ft Shokryme “Gated vocal” [unreleased]
Mya "Ponytail (Mapalma Edit)" [Oracles]
Alex Coulton “Radiance” [Wisdom Teeth]
Anubi "Alteration" [LuckyBeard]
Simo Cell “Escape The Fate” [Wisdom Teeth]
Lokane "Body Double (TSVI WIP remix)" [unreleased]
K Lone “Rude” [Badimup]
Klient “Fragment” [unreleased]
Unkey “Karate Club” [unreleased]
Circo "Rise" [forthcoming Heretic]
Lyeform “Dead” [unreleased]
Geist "Overturn" [unreleased]
Nuvaman “MTHH” [Brunswick Sound vol1]
Lyeform “Annihiliation” [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “Peng One Two VIP” [unreleased]
Lyeform “String Theory” [unreleased]
Detboi “Get on up” [unreleased]

Superficie "Fog Shield" [Oracles]
Mic Ty “Knewham (To The City Remix)” [unreleased]
JT the Goon "50 Days of May"  [Oil Gang]
JT the Goon “King Arthur” [Oil Gang]
Neff-T & LTHL "Requiem" [Brunswick Sound vol1]
Dread D “10 Missed Calls” [Local Action]
Grim Sickers "Matcha Freestyle (prod. by Scruloose)" [Durkle Disco]

LKD Beats “Tape Crush” [unreleased]
Wen “Simpl” [unreleased]
Sully “Assembly 2” [unreleased]
Etch “Cozmiq B-Boy” [unreleased]
Boi-a-Gutz “Detroit Style (Jungle mix)” [unreleased]

Rabit “Foetal” [Triangle Records]

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM October 15th tracklist

**Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM October 15th tracklist**

Wen “Float” [unreleased]
Lyeform “Represent” [unreleased]
Cliques “Untitled” [unreleased]
Joedan “Underdog” [unreleased]
MC Shantie & Joedan “No Verse Two” [unreleased]
OKZharp "Glonet" [Hyperdub]
Okzharp “Dearribane feat Manthe” [Hyperdub]
TSVI & Lorenzo “Drag Queen” [unreleased]
OKZharp & Samurai “Gated - Ruffest vocal” [unreleased]
Coldpast “Chap Lapz” [free download]
TSVI “Memorex” [unreleased]
Maribor & Body Double “3.142” [unreleased]
Jurango “No Sign” [unreleased]
Mythra "Chet" [unreleased]
Nuvaman “Jawstomp” [forthcoming PRJKTS]
Wen “You Know [Maribor VIP]” [unreleased]
Vern & Milla “Sub0” [PRJKTS]
Unknown “Collective Unconscious” [unreleased]
Caski “Tunnel Music VIP” [unreleased]
Etch “Glass Shores” [unreleased]
Loco Dice “Get Comfy (Underground Sound Suicide) [feat. Giggs]” [released]
Otik “Achne Downs” [unreleased]
Jus Now “Cyah Help It ft Miss Dynamite & Bunji Garlin” [unreleased]
Walton “Tailko” [unreleased]
Vern & Milla “Wierdo Dub” [unreleased]
Murlo “Furnace” [forthcoming Mixpak]
Murlo “Lanced” [forthcoming Mixpak]
Lowquid "Death Note" [unreleased]
E.m.m.a. “Pumpkin Emoji” [unreleased]
Krotone “DSPD”  [unreleased]
Lamont ft. Nico Lindsay “In The Field [Devils mix]” [unreleased]
Wiley “Born in the Cold (Epoch refix, Dusk + Blackdown special)” [unreleased]
Spokes “Tshirt Tan” [unreleased]
Impey "Bangclap" [Sector 7]
TSVI “Yeah” [Nervous Horizon]
Merouac "Solo" [forthcoming AfkaSound]
Logos “Marsh Lantern (D version)” [unreleased]
Lloyd SB “4D Hypercube (final edit)”  [unreleased]
Corporal F “Flunk” [free DL]
Murlo "Cascade" [forthcoming Mixpak]
Finn “Finn Theme” [Local Action]
Nodnol "London Spoke" [Circular Jaw, free download]