Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 14

There's been a bunch of things going on recently...


The last Keysound show on Rinse in 2014: here.

(tracklist to follow)

 "LowKeysound" mix 

...for Dummy mag: here. The flip of the Keysound Bangers mix.

Hyponik interview.

Me chatting ish over lunch.

Free D/L

Of "Deep Data" by Circula, here.

RIP Spaceape.

I talked about crying in public and no one's parred me yet. Remarkable.

Bob Fossil v Big Narstie

Why both are certified badmen.

NCLPad's (all) Keysound mix

Kowton – Countryman (LDN013)
Beneath – Illusion (LDN034)
Bias + Gurley – Roll (Blackdown’s A Debt Repaid Remix) (LDN021)
Dusk + Blackdown – Dasaflex (LDN033)
Dusk + Blackdown – Back 2 Go FWD>> (LDN049)
Beneath – Tribulation (LDN034)
LV + Josh Idehen – Melt (LDN022)
Moleskin – Burst (LDN 036)
E.M.M.A – At Sea (LDN039)
Sully – It’s Your Love (LDN026)
Wen – Swingin’ (LDN Mix) (LDN044)
Dusk + Blackdown – High Road (LDN032/LDN033)
Double Helix – LDN VIP (LDN036)
Dusk + Blackdown – Drenched (Facta Remix) (LDN049)
Dusk + Blackdown – Akkaboo (LDN005)
Wen – Play Your Corner (LDN044)
Dusk + Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Remix) (LDN002)
Dusk + Blackdown – The Bits ft. Trim (LDN004/LDN006)
Logos – Atlanta 96 (LDN030)
Geeneus – Knife and Gun (Blackdown Devil Mix) (LDN008)
Dusk + Blackdown – This is London (2011 Riots Remix) (Unreleased)
Etch – Sphynx (LDN040)
Dusk + Blackdown – Mantis VI3 (LDN003)
No Fixed Abode – Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition) (LDN029)
Dusk + Blackdown – Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl) (LDN006/LDN007)
Dusk + Blackdown – Focus (LDN005/LDN006)
LV + Josh Idehen – Imminent (LDN045/LDN048)
Balistiq Beats – Concrete Jungle (Yardman Rhythm) (LDN020)
Skream – Angry World (LDN016)
Damu – Ridin’ the Hype ft. Trim (LDN027)
Starkey – Gutter Music (LDN009)

NCLPad on his mix...

“It’s like…they went back to go forward.”

"With the arrival of Certified Connections (LDN050), it felt like an ideal time to look back on the previous forty-nine releases. If truth be told, I’d been working on a ‘roots of’ type mix on and off for a while, but then Benjybars dropped his and I decided to leave it a while (that mix is absolute first-rate, it still soundtracks my drive to work regularly). So, with Benjybars’ Roots of Keysound, Grievous Angel’s Margins Music: Redux, it’s fair to say there are a few monumental mixes out there for the Keysound faithful."

"Anyway, with memories of that boat party still fresh in the mind, I set about putting something together myself. I was just trying to join the dots between where the label is at right now and where it’s come from. It was fun mixing the old with the new and hopefully keeping some kind of coherence. This is the result."

"Here’s to the next 50!"