Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dusk + Blackdown at FWD + end of year chart

SMS transcript:

Rinse HQ: "Would you two like to play FWD>> on the 6th?"
Blackdown "Fuckyes!"

Dusk + I will be playing at FWD>> again on Jan 6th, doing the early slot for 90 mins and we're really excited because, well, you never know if or when the call will come. The rough plan currently is to play only unreleased Keysound beats, because truth be told there's more individual tracks due on Keysound in 2011 than there was released in 2005-2010. That includes the stuff Dusk + I have been working on for the last two years that we haven't played on radio yet. So come down early if you're curious.

Top 11 + 13 of 2010

After my end of year column a few people asked for my personal top 10, but I could only settle on 11, which Boomkat kindly hosted.

LHF "EP2: The Line Path" [forthcoming Keysound]
Girl Unit 'IRL/Wut' [Night Slugs]
Mickey Pearce ft Ms Dynamite "What's Mickey Talking About?" [unreleased]
Trim "Confidence Dub (Harmonimix)" [unreleased]
Rishi Romero "African forest" (Made In NL)
Jamie Woon "Night Air (Ramadanman remix)" [Candent Songs]
Jam City "Ecstacy refix" [Night Slugs]
Darkstar "Two Chords" [Hyperdub]
Addison Groove "Footcrab" [Swamp 81]
D.O.K. "West Coast" [forthcoming Hyperdub]
MC Creed & Esko Beats "Generate" [unreleased]

It's been such a fruitful year for music that I can't not mention...

Balistiq Beats ft Riko "Yardman Riddim" [unreleased Keysound]
Danny Weed and Cage "Creeper (Maxwell D and Beans funky remix)" (unreleased)
Damu "Ridin'/Be Free" [unreleased Keysound]
El-B and Noodles ft Natasha "I Feel"
Ghetts "Intro" (Calm Before the Storm CD)
Horsepower "Rain" [Tempa]
LV "Boomslang" (Hyperdub)
Maxwell D "Gone Away" (unreleased)
Slackk "Eski Clicks" [unreleased]
S-X "Woooo" [Stay Fresh]
Vibezin "Hot 4 U" [unreleased Keysound]
Becoming Real "Like me ft Trim"
Bias & Gurley "Roll" [unreleased Keysound]
Kyle Hall "Kaychunk / You Know What I Feel" [Hyperdub]

LHF: Keepers of the Light Vol 3

Pulsar Shows Its Hand (NASA, Chandra, 4/3/09)

LHF present Keepers of the Light Vol 3

Download it HERE >>>

Solar Man "Affirmation"
"Stories" (Interlude)
Amen Ra "Connected"
Low Density Matter "Love Affair"
Low Density Matter "Better Days"
"Higher Plains" (Interlude)
Low Density Matter "Wash"
Double Helix feat Amen Ra "Secret Portal"
Amen Ra and Double Helix "Soul Power"
"Narrow Is The Gate" (Interlude)
Amen Ra "Saved My Soul"
Double Helix "Inferno 2010 " (Helixs' 3rd Degree Mix)
No Fixed Abode "Fallen Queen"
Double Helix "Dance With The Devil"
Double Helix "Manoeuvres"
No Fixed Abode "For The Thrown"
"The Power Of Vibrations" (Interlude)
No Fixed Abode "Golden"
Low Density Matter "After 8"
Amen Ra- "Embalmer"
"Watchin Over Me" (Interlude)
Solar Man- "Twinkle In Your Eye"

LHF "EP2: The Line Path" 12" will finally be in shops the first or second week of January, though there may be early bird copies for members of this group.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rinse FM Christmas Special

Final show of the year and Dusk and I are planning a Christmas special this Thurs 11pm. Unlike the upfront selection of our regular shows, this is gonna go back... way back, in a vinyl-only classics session.

Will Dusk draw for Booker T and the MGs cricket theme or that funk tune by the Mircales about all the best bars in LA being gay bars? Am I gonna grab some Eric Dolphy or the Wombles? (what, you don't think I actually have the Wombles on vinyl?)

Only time and a few light ales will tell...

Grime Allstar DJs Xmas Party

We're honoured to be on this lineup. We're on at 10-10:45pm, come see us, we'll drop some things you might not hear the other DJs play...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vote for us in the DSF Awards 2010

So it's Awards time again over at the Dubstep Forum and I'd like to make a small plea.

There's lots of categories Dusk and I could be nominated in, but being honest I don't think we would or should win them. For example we've worked hard with Keysound this year - and we've made the plans to do better in 2011 - but other labels set the bar high this year.

However we felt we held our own on our Rinse show. We walked up there every month with armfuls of new producers, avoided beats that everyone else was playing and mixed across four or five genres.

"Boomslang" got it's debut, we dropped dozens of LHF, Vibezin and Zomby beats you'll not hear elsewhere and new producers like Mr Mitch, Cedaa, Damu, Teeza, Slackk, Teeth, Balistiq Beats, Dubbel Dutch, Bloom, Coobe Beats, HGLDT, VVV, Walton, Hackman, Original Face and Becoming Real got exposure, to name just a few.

Though there are several strong shows on air, we'd love to be nominated for best show and we're not too proud to admit it.

Please vote for us if you think we deserve it.