Friday, December 10, 2010

Vote for us in the DSF Awards 2010

So it's Awards time again over at the Dubstep Forum and I'd like to make a small plea.

There's lots of categories Dusk and I could be nominated in, but being honest I don't think we would or should win them. For example we've worked hard with Keysound this year - and we've made the plans to do better in 2011 - but other labels set the bar high this year.

However we felt we held our own on our Rinse show. We walked up there every month with armfuls of new producers, avoided beats that everyone else was playing and mixed across four or five genres.

"Boomslang" got it's debut, we dropped dozens of LHF, Vibezin and Zomby beats you'll not hear elsewhere and new producers like Mr Mitch, Cedaa, Damu, Teeza, Slackk, Teeth, Balistiq Beats, Dubbel Dutch, Bloom, Coobe Beats, HGLDT, VVV, Walton, Hackman, Original Face and Becoming Real got exposure, to name just a few.

Though there are several strong shows on air, we'd love to be nominated for best show and we're not too proud to admit it.

Please vote for us if you think we deserve it.


Unknown said...

Hey , you got my vote!

i've been trying to track down the name of this tune since i first heard it and can't get it id'd ...i'm pretty sure it was you dropping it? maybe not. but if you know it... its the nov. 25 rinse fm/hessle podcast. it's whatever playing at the 24:30 minute mark. awesome stuff! thanks if you know it!

Blackdown said...

Thanks Moa.

I think the track you're looking for is this:

DJ Eastwood "U Aint Ready (Walton 130 Edit)"

Anonymous said...

You got my vote, as always!


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Anonymous said...

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