Thursday, August 30, 2012

How do genres get named?

So last night I was a guest on Will LV's NTS show to talk with Laurent Fintoni and Rogues Foam to chat some waffle about genres.

Some articles that brought this debate about herehere and here. Rory Gibbs' thoughts were fantastic.

And while you're here, LV's siiiiick new album for Hyperdub is here. Loving the videos too...


Rinse August: Blackdown v Beneath v Wen v Visionist

Blackdown v Beneath v Wen v Visionist Rinse FM August 2012


Dusk + Blackdown "Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak) ft Farrah" [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Bias & Gurley "Roll (Blackdown's 'a debt repaid' remix)" [Keysound Recordings]
Blackdown "Apoptosis" [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Dusk + Blackdown "We Ain't Beggin'" [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Blackdown "Untitled" [unreleased]
Blackdown "'Ridge" [unreleased]
Blackdown "Wicked Vibez" [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Blackdown "R in Zero G (lost mutant cousin version)" [unreleased]
Blackdown "R in Zero G" [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Dusk + Blackdown "This is London (2011 riots remix)" [unreleased]

**Beneath in the mix**

Beneath "Wonz" [unreleased]
Beneath "Illusion" [unreleased]
Beneath "Tribulation" [unreleased]
Beneath "PVO" [unreleased]
Beneath "Future Shock" [unreleased]

**Wen in the mix**

Wen "Untitled" (Ft. Dot Rotten) [unreleased]
Wen "Lo-Fidelity" [Forthcoming South Fork Sound]
Wen "Swingin'" [unreleased]
Wen "Takin' Over" [Forthcoming South Fork Sound]
Wen "Nightcrawler" [unreleased]
Wen "Spark It" [unreleased]
Wen "Walk Tha Walk" [unreleased]
Wen "Empress (130 Mix)" [unreleased]
Wen "Commotion" [unreleased]
Wen vs Epoch "Hydraulics" [Forthcoming Egyptian Avenue]

**Visionist in the mix**

Visionist "Control This" [unreleased]
Visionist "Revolt" [unreleased]
Visionist "NGF" [unreleased]
Visionist "2 Sides 2 Every Coin" [unreleased]
Visionist "Mr.67" (klp edit) [unreleased]
Youngstar "Pluse X" (visionist remix) [unreleased]
Visionist "Snakes" [unreleased]
Visionist, Beneath & Wen "New Wave" [unreleased]

Double Helix "LDN VIP"[unreleased]
Double Helix "Illusion of Time" [unreleased]
LV "Animal Prints (feat. Okmalumkoolkat)" [Hyperdub]
Balistiq Beats "Rise of the Machines (Yardman riddim) ft Riko (Sully remix)" [unreleased]
Emma "Marina" [unreleased]
Luna Beduin (LHF family) "The Island" [unreleased]

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

LDN031 Keysound Allstars

 Keysound Allstars vol 1: Walton, Gremino, Visionist  & Vibezin
[Keysound Recordings]

Out now on 12" vinyl and digital. Hear the entire EP here:

The 12” is illustrated by specifically commissioned photos of the tower block grime godfather Wiley grew up in Bow by London Nico Hogg (read more about Nico here).

Shout to the original “Allstars” dons: the Allstars label releasing incredible under-cover remixes by former jungle don and proto-dubstep godfather Steve Gurley with Chris Mac. Also the seminal Tempa label, who continued the “Allstars” tradition with cuts from El-B, Artwork and Geeneus.