Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Keysound Rinse FM Christmas Special December 2016

Dusk + Blackdown mix

Blackdown “Hackney Vandal Patrol”
Blackdown “Halcyon Skies”
Koast & Blackdown “More Drumz, More Rollage”
Blackdown “Somewhere Else”
Blackdown “Untouchable”
Rollage vol.1: WDYM?! (rollage VIP)
Dusk + Blackdown “Clueless”
Blackdown & Nico Lindsay “No Affiliation (Keysound Sessions Anthem 8bar vocal mix)”
Dusk + Blackdown “Peng One Two VIP”
Blackdown "Keysound Sessions Anthem (feverish weightless mix)”

Vern & Milla mix

Missy Elliot “Get ur freak on (Vern & Milla edit)”
Vern & Milla “Interlude”
Vern & Milla “Ethereal Alarms Pt.2”
Vern & Milla “????”
Vern & Milla “Hauswerk”
Vern & Milla “Lets Go VIP”
Glot “Deconstructed Reconstructed (Vern & Milla's Quiet Night In Do Over)”
Arma “Rift (Vern & Milla VIP)”
Vern & Milla “????”
Vern & Milla “????”
Vern & Milla “3C-US”
Vern & Milla “Chardonaynay”

Ganesa (JellyBeanFarm) mix

Squane x Rees "Little Orphan Android"
Kinsman "Facile"
Sensei "Reed"
Truska "Rush"
Korzi "Primal"
Mershak "Technical"
G Louie "Enclave"
WZ "Leech"
Lokua "Undrgnd"
Delo "Can You"
Aerotonin & Opus "Communication"

  • All Tracks Forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm

Holloway "100% Holloway dubs guest mix"

Holloway “Stochastic Vision (Intro)”
Holloway “MGXU”
Holloway “61st (EMS Dance Traxx)”
Holloway “Mapping”
Holloway “SubPlot”
Holloway & Nico Lindsay - Ediat Ting (Instrumental)”
Holloway “Inline Descent”
Holloway “Binary”
Holloway & Nico Lindsay “On Form”

Plaza mix

Plaza “Naquadah Bomb”
Plaza “Biosensors”
Plaza “Collapse”
Plaza “Wandering”
Plaza “Gengar”
Plaza “Hostile”

Anz Autumn/Winter dubs 2016 tracklist

anz "regular"
anz "played"
anz "gas dem"
anz "into u round 2"
anz "uh"
anz "???"
anz "naughty girl"
anz "drum key"
anz "daqui e de la"

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Keysound show Rinse FM November 2016

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse Nov 16

Alexx A-Game x Swing Ting “A-Game Everyday” (Master) [Swing Ting]
Rider Shafique "I-Dentity" [Young Echo]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (Feverish Weightless mix)” [unreleased]
Kyo x Daffy "Metroid (Devil Mix)" [unreleased]
Vern & Milla “Yoshimitsu” [unreleased]
Om Unit "Hidden Dread" [forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
LKD Beats “Arctic” [unreleased]
Orson “Fabrik (devil mix)” [unreleased Version]
Blackdown “Halcyon Skies” [unreleased]
Ellerby "Half Time" [forthcoming]
Squane “Romp” [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
Near "Refinery" [unreleased]
Plaza “biosensors” [unreleased]
WSDM "Buzzin" [unreleased]
Plaza “All Over” [unreleased]
Squane “Droll” [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
Chunky & TMan “Imminent Threat” [forthcoming]
Hypho "Shen" [forthcoming Eat My Beat]
Aerotonin “JC Denton” [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
Nico Lindsay (produced by Holloway) “On Form” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (8bar mix)” [unreleased]
Rnbws "Witchcraft"[unreleased]
Kinsman “Savoury” [unreleased]
Squane x Reese “Automotonic” [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
Korsai “Soundfreak” [forthcoming]
Lamont & Kwam "Ships" [unreleased]
Otik “In Chamber” [unreleased]
Ellerby "Central Perc" [forthcoming]
DJ DVD RIP Stealth Build (Broken Haze remix) [forthcoming prjks]
Anz “Regular” [unreleased]
Joe Aycox “WHB” [unreleased]
Lil Jabba “ChaMBer MonGRel” [Local Action]
Lyeform “Divide and Conquer” [unreleased]
Bonkaz x Big Zuu (Produced by Nyge) "All Out" [unreleased]
Donae'O Black feat. JME_& Dizzee Rascal [forthcoming]
Sully “Casablanca” [unreleased]
Kahn & Neek ft Jamakabi “Hot it Up” [Fabric]
Jammz "Warrior" [I Am Grime]
AJ Tracey “Buster Cannon” [unreleased]
P Money “Panasonic” [Rinse]
Yamaneko “Rushing the ice Palace” [Local Action]