Friday, December 23, 2011

Rinse December

The All Keysound Christmas party was on Rinse. Me v Dusk v Amen Ra (LHF) v Vibezin v LV v Logos v Visionist.

Audio HERE.

Balistiq Beats ft Riko “Rise the Machines (Yardman riddim) (Sully remix)” [unreleased Keysound]
Dusk “Fraction” [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Lumin Project (LHF) “Roll On” [unreleased]
Vibezin “A Little Higher” [unreleased Keysound]
Visionist “Journeys” [unreleased]
Logos “King Mob” [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Portico Quartet “City of Glass (LV remix) [unreleased]
LV & Joshua Idehen “Primary Colours (extended remix)” [Keysound Recordings]
Blackdown “Wicked Vibez” [unreleased Keysound]
Canblaster “Clockworks (Para One and Teki Latex remix) [Master of Complication]
No Fixed Abode “Indian Street Slang” [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Vibezin “The Sweetest” [unreleased]
Magnum “All Over Me” [92 Points]
Logos “Kowloon” [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
LV & Mumdance “Get a Grip” [unreleased]
Heblank "Hydrangea" [Fullfridge]
Gremino “Rubi (Dusk + Blackdown VIP)” [unreleased]
MJ Cole & Wiley “From the Drop (Hint remix)” [Prolific]

Dubmonsters “Sweet Thang” [Fifty First Recordings]
Unknown - "Wait" [Doghouse Recordings]
Phuture “I’m Your Only Friend” [Trax]
M Double and Dangerous “Vibezin’” [Subbz]
St Germain “Sure Thing (Todd Edwards remix)” [Blue Note]
Groove Chronicles “Life’s What You Make it” [DPR]
Remi "Talk About It (Steve Gurley Dub Mix)" [Passion For Music Records]
Wookie “Weird Science” [Manchu Recordings]
Sky Joose - "Ride (U Want A Ride Pt. II)" [Monie Muzik]
Maxine “Crazy (Sky Joose Remix)” [0181 Records]
Deft “New York’s Finest” [unreleased]
Plasmic Life ft Alistar “Death Trip” [Brain records]
DJ Rashad “Drop Juke Out” [Juke Trax Online]
Leviticus “Burial (Philip K Dick remix)” [free download]
Origin Unknown “Valley of the Shadows (31 Seconds)” [Ram]
Elefo “Pomade” [BYRSLF]
Omni Trio “Renegade Snares” [Moving Shadow]
Bodysnatch “Just 4 U London” [Bodysnatch]
Visionist “Come In” [unreleased Keysound]
Starfox “Blink” [Slimzos Recordings]

All our old Rinse shows are archived here.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

LHF mix for Concepto

From the fever zone out beyond the tropics, a new LHF mix emerges. The edge of a breaking storm for 2012.

  Concepto MIX #65 LHF by ConceptoRadio

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eski Clicks by Slackk


ESKI CLICKS by slackk

I probably should have tried to sign "Eski Clicks" or at least tried harder... I forget now why I didn't. Either way it was a central part of my Eskifunk mix from February and it's long since been a persy.

Now Slackk's giving it away, you really should grab a copy.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Critical Beats #2: Place, Locality and Globalisation

Critical Beats is The Wire's latest series of talks and panel discussions, hosted with the University of East London at London's Stratford Circus. The discussions will examine electronic dance music in East London's club culture and the resulting impact on wider scenes.

 The second instalment of Critical Beats took place on Thursday 8 December at East London's Stratford Circus and is titled Place, Locality and Globalisation.

On the panel: Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz), George Mahood (Big Daddy), myself and moderator Derek Walmsley.

Online tickets are available here. Alternatively, ring 0844 357 2625 to purchase tickets from the Stratford Circus box office directly. More info here.

Photo: Nico Hogg.