Saturday, April 01, 2017

Keysound Rinse FM March 2017 show ft Ganesa

Dusk + Blackdown Keysound Rinse FM March 2017 show ft Ganesa

Special Request “Stairfoot Lane Bunker” [forthcoming Houndstooth]
Suda “Inner Monologue” [Her Records]
AlexAugier “TFG Track 4” [unreleased]
? "Detour" ? [unreleased]
Trilla P “Exciter” [unreleased]
Krotone "System Check" [unreleased]
Lack “Get A Grip” [unreleased]
Grievious angel “Wicked Sound (Yak Remix)” [Black Beacon Sound]
Mani Festo “Fallout” [unreleased]
Elkie "Pushback" [unreleased]
Blackdown “Halcyon Skies (Rollage mix)” [unreleased]
Rnbws "Ambulance" [unreleased]
Kellen303 “Planet X” [unreleased]
Unkey "Karate Club" [forthcoming Durkle Disco]
Dusk + Blackdown “Clueless” [unreleased]
207 "Ground Zero" [unreleased]
Tickles “Life Line” [RKS]
Rnbws "Hitchcock House" [unreleased]
Rollage vol1: “WDYM?! (nutty mix - Cnamha refix)” [unreleased]
Kellen303 “WHB VIP" [unreleased]
Unkey “Epic East” [forthcoming Durkle Disco]


Ganesa: Jelly Bean Farm guest mix

Lack “ASYU” [unreleased]
Krotone “Club Scene” [unreleased]
Sensei “Tracking” [unreleased]
Wun “Patientia” [unreleased]
Francois Dillinger “Trippin” [unreleased]
WZ “Leach” (Jelly Bean Farm)
Mershak “Technical” (forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm)
Denham Audio “Hamil (Cloaka Remix)” (forthcoming Sapyens)
Korzi “Frostbite” (forthcoming Bunk Audio)
Loss “Easy Now” [unreleased]
Loss “Dat Dat” (Jelly Bean Farm)
Yilan “Paradise Broken (Wooda Edit)”
Mani Festo x Denham Audio “M1 (Boom Ting)
Squane x Rees “Shards (forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm)
Ebb “Gunblade [unreleased]


Vern & Milla “HAUSWERK” [unreleased]
Vern & Milla “Let's go VIP (Instrumental” [unreleased]
Champion x Roska "Flame Grilled v1" [unreleased]
Faze Miyake feat. Merky Ace & Aj Tracey "None of That (Deamonds Remix)"
Near “Static (TSVI remix)” [unreleased]
Grievious Angel “Wicked Sound” [Black Beacon Sound]
Champion x Roska "Squiggle" [RKS]
Mike Delinquent Project P Money “Fabric” [forthcoming]
Unkey feat Dread MC Illman “Dead Burried (Hypho remix)” [forthcoming Durkle Disco]
Blackdown “Somewhere Else” [unreleased]