Friday, October 21, 2016

Rinse FM Keysound show tracklists Summer - Autumn 2016

Dusk & I have done tracklists for every one of our Rinse shows since 2007. I do this because I want the new producers we find to get discovered & recognised.

Lost dubs is all well and "elusive" or "ephemeral" or whatever, but in a world of more music being made or published than we each could listen to in any one lifetime, cutting some signal through the noise matters. At least, it matters to me.

Then in June this year I forgot to do the Rinse show tracklist and then didn't do the others. That's the power of habits - and breaking them I guess.

Literally no-one complained.

Depressing. But fcuk it, it's bugged me ever since and despite being at the bottom of my to-do list, I've invested the time to publish as much info as we can find about this summer's shows.

Rinse FM Keysound Show October 2016

Sully “Thema” [unreleased]
Logos “Circling the Fever Zone April 1975”
Damu “Off the Spectrum” [Keysound Recordings]
Logos “Arrival T10 mix” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Hackney Vandal Patrol”  [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (feverish weightless mix)” [unreleased]
Rollage vol1 “WDYM?! [movin parro mix]” [Keysound Recordings]
Logos “SN 571” [unreleased]
Logos “Marsh Lantern (D version)” [unreleased]
Logos “Omega Point” [unreleased]
Damu “Point and Line to Plane” [Keysound Recordings]
Parris “Your Kiss is Sour” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Parris Jam 1” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Parris Jam 2” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Parris Jam 3” [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “110 Not Out (2011)” [unreleased]
Sully “Blue (Max D remix)” [unreleased]
Lyeform “Elements” [unreleased]
Wen “M2” [unreleased]
Lyeform “Bright Night” [unreleased]
Lyeform “Things Betwixt” [unreleased]
Sully “Miles, Hours and Still… (130 VIP)” [unreleased]
Caski “Tunnel Music VIP”  [unreleased]
Atlas “Heart Sinks” [unreleased]
Double Helix “Roll On” [unreleased]
Double Helix “Once Loved” [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “Clueless” [unreleased]
Wen “Sun Thru Blinds” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (techrollage mix)” [unreleased]
Koast & Blackdown “More Drumz, More Rollage” [unreleased]
Blackdown & Specialist Moss “Where We Come From (vocal mix)” [unreleased]
Wen “Untitled (Tropical)” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Wicked Vibez” [Keysound Rrcordings]
Blackdown & Nico Lindsay “No Affiliation (Keysound Sessions Anthem - 8bar vocal mix)” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (original mix)” [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “Peng One Two VIP” [unreleased]
Detboi “Dark Energy” [unreleased]
DJ Sinclair “Gunman What” [forthcoming Keysound]
DJ Sinclair “Ricky”  [forthcoming Keysound]
Detboi x DVA “Shots VIP x Bullet A ‘Go Fly [Blackdown blend]” [unreleased]
Wen “Simpl” [unreleased]
Sully & Epoch “untitled” [unreleased]
Sully X Plus Y [unreleased]
Sully “Assembly2” [unreleased]
Sully “untitled” [unreleased]
Vern & Milla “NEWBITDEMO” [unreleased]
Vern & Milla “THEY LIVE” [unreleased]

Rinse FM Keysound Show September 2016

Earth Movements “Transmission” [unreleased]
Clouds “90's Abloy” [forthcoming]
Damu “Off the Spectrum” [forthcoming Keysound Recordings]
Kuedo “Hourglass” [Planet Mu]
Kuedo “Breaking The Surface” [Planet Mu]
Parris “Your Kiss is Sour” [unreleased]
Trim & Airhead “Stretch” [1-800 Dinosaur]
Squane and Hypho "Hack" [877 Records]
Jubley “Traitors” [unreleased]
(unknown) “Manual” [unknown]
Plaza “Collapse”  [unreleased]
Lamont "Curtains" [Swamp 81[
Beneath “Seeus” [NoSymbols]
Tremble "Bwoy" [Trusik]
Otik “Achne Downs (Caski remix)” [Durkle Disco]
Ebb & Embargo “The Network” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Session Anthem (techrollage mix)” [unreleased]
Holloway “1080p” [unreleased]
DJ Lag “DBN Banger Clermont Funk (Holloway Edit)” [unreleased]
Otik "Rasputin" [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Session Anthem (8bar mix)” [unreleased]
Blackdown ft Nico Lindsay “Keysound Session Anthem (8bar mix)” [unreleased]
Ebb "Raiders" [unreleased]
Filter Dread “Nerve Splicer” [unreleased]
Glot “Desconstructed Reconstructed” [unreleased]
Pinch & Mumdance “Big Slug (ft Riko) (Walton Remix)” [unreleased]
Hypho “Wartime” [unreleased]
Skyjuice “Back to the Bleeps” [Inner City Dance]
Majora “Lint Roller” [forthcoming Roska Kicks and Snares]
Blackdown ft Specialist Moss “Where we Come From (vocal)” [unreleased]
DJ Spoko and DJ Mujava “Extantion 6” [True Panther Sounds]
Ellerby “Make Room” [Articulate Sound free DL]
Crimzon "See You" [unreleased]
Blackdown & Koast MC “More Drumz, More Rollage” [unreleased]
TSVI "Assam's Children" [Nervous Horizons]
?? “Human (MJ Cole remix)” [forthcoming]
MJ Cole & AJ Tracey “The Rumble” [forthcoming]
DonaeO “Polo” [forthcoming]
Holloway “TemporalRift (SLK - Hype Hype Vocal Edit)” [unreleased]
DASE “CROW” [unreleased]
Tsundr "Black ICE" [unreleased]
Krizzli x DeeJillz  "Empty Room" [unreleased]
Nights "Pathfinder" [unreleased]
DJ Sinclair “Ricky” [unreleased]
Eski Myth “Ice Instrumental (Mook remix)” [unreleased]

Rinse FM Keysound Show Aug 2016

Lyeform b2b Sully b2b Etch b2b Okzharp

Rinse FM Keysound Show July 2016

Unknown “What It Is” [forthcoming]
Spooky J “Limbo Yam” [forcoming]
[06:39] [soca-y one???]
Nico Lindsay & Etch “Predator Vs Prey” [unreleased]
Otik “Paradiamonds” [unreleased]
[15:32s] ???
Kuma “Truncating” [unreleased]
Mistress “Lie Dormant” [unreleased]
Squane and Rees “Little Orphan Android” [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
Wants “alone ung” [unreleased]
Rollage Vol1 “WDYM?! [rollage mix]” [rollage vol1]
??? “Leng Down [2016 Roll In Roll Out Mix]” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (techrollage mix)” [unreleased]
??? “Blue Dragon” [???]
Vern & Milla “3C-US” [unreleased]
Mistress “Mjolnir” [forthcoming]
Vern & Milla “THEYLIVE” [unreleased]
Airhead “Kazzt (Mumdance Remix)” [Different Circles]
Vern & Milla “NEWBITDEMO” [unreleased]
[51.32] ???
Prisma x Flowdan “Horror Style Signals” [unreleased]
TSVI & lorenzo BITW x Flowdan “Storm X Horror Show Style (Werdna Edit)” [unreleased]
WxT (Woz_&_Troy_Gunner) “DWN” [zoo music]
Matta “It Feels Like (Original Mix)” [unreleased]
Negativ Pelikann “Banshee (Hypho_Remix)” [unreleased]
Yak “Avarice” [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “Clueless” [unreleased]
Vencha “Bucky” [Roska Kicks & Snares]
Donae’O “My Circle RMX ft Cadet, Wiley and Ghetts” [released]
Phelimuncasi Intakatho Yama Phelimuncasi “Uyaphi Wenano” [released]
Phelimuncasi Intakatho Yama Phelimuncasi “Yoh Ndim” [released]
Scrufizzer “Vibe On This (Extended Mix)” (Stay Fizzy Records)
Champion x Tinashe “Days In The West” [bootleg]
Apple “Seigaliser [Logos refix)” [released]
DBM (Deadboy & Murlo) “Halo” [Crazy Legs]
Glot “Dancing Through The Tears” [unreleased]
DJ Sinclair “Bells (Devil) RPG” [unreleased]
[01h:43m] ??
AJ Tracey “Leave Me Alone” [unreleased]
[01h:48m] ???
Flowdan “Flatline” [Tru Thoughts]

Rinse FM Keysound Show June 2016

Atlas “Heart Sinks” [unreleased]
Lyeform “Eyes Of The Zodiac” [unreleased]
Chapel “Say So” [unreleased]
Nights & Mook “Behlit” [unreleased]
Otik “Ur Soul Is Missing” [unreleased]
Nico Lindsay & Etch “Dont Want To Know” [unreleased]
Atlas “Empty Cup of Coffee” [unreleased]
Yak “Summer Breeze” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Keysound Sessions Anthem (techrollage mix)” [unreleased]
Fujin UK "Crow" [unreleased]
El-B & Juiceman “Mista Say So” [unreleased]
SPD "Corna" [unreleased]
El-B & Juiceman “Reaper” [unreleased]
Celm "Bobby G" [unreleased]
Nico Lindsay “Ediat Ting (Prod. By Holloway)” [unreleased]
Hypho “Pinch” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Where we come from” [unreleased]
Lorenzo "Hell Broke Loose" [unreleased]
Champion “Gunshot” [unreleased]
SPD "Chatter" [unreleased]
Tsvi x Luru "Egyptian Magician" [unreleased]
DJ Sinclair “Gunman What” [unreleased]
Inja "Sleeping Giant" [unreleased]
DJ Sinclair “Ricky” [unreleased]
Fujin UK "Block" [unreleased]
Terror Danjah “Juicy Patty (instrumental)” [Keysound Recordings]
Mook & Maribor “Trees” [unreleased]
Loom “Acid Rain (Lloyd SB remix)” [forthcoming]
Logos "Marked 4 Death Gun Man" [Boxed]
Loom “Acid Rain” [forthcoming]
Desto “Ice Cold (devil mix)” [unreleased]
Blackdown “Wot do you mean?!” [unreleased]
Spooky & Boylan "Low Rider" [Oil Gang]
Dusk + Blackdown “Peng One Two VIP” [unreleased]
DJ Q “Sonic” [Local Action]
Blackdown “Koast instrumental” [unreleased]
Stickman "Icy Cold" [unreleased]
Flava D & DevelopMENT "Gun Down"
Vern & Milla “Sub0” [Prjkts]
? "Bongo" [unreleased]
Mina feat Nenneh “Shake Shake (Lorenzo BITW Remix)” [free DL from ]
Sully “X to Y” [unreleased]