Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blackdown soundboy end of year review: Kode 9

2005 - what stuck in Kode 9's memory

"Transport masochism and geo-politics playing out beneath the surface of London. Daytime apocalypse TV and the security vacuum around Oval tube 7/7. Travelling underground through (Baby)lon(don)'s ecology of fear. Distraction in the factory of potential death. Paranoid, racist stares and the twitchy, uncomfortable fidgeting of underground man suspended in surreal tension amidst a Metro paper jungle of atrocity headlines and snapshots of contorted, melted metal. Tube daydreams of incineration bleeding into claustrophobic blrd flu dread. Acute awareness of damp respiration vector currents during rush hour meat compression, and olfactory alerts to the slightest hint of burning. Moist residue of sweaty palm prints on handrails. The (long overdue) demonization of the backpack and bumbag."

Kode 9's Top 10 for 2005

1. Skream – 'Request Line'
2. Pressure feat. Warrior Queen – 'Dem a Bomb We'
3. Roll Deep – 'Sidewinder'
4. Digital Mystikz - 'Stuck'
5. Digital Mystikz - 'Neverland'
6. 'Terror Danjah & Trim – 'Boogeyman'
7. Digital Mystikz – 'Officer'
8. Burial – 'Broken Home'
9. Trim & Scratch 'Trim & Scratch'
10. Hundreds of Rinse sets on mp3


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