Monday, August 11, 2008

Keysound news: Dusk + Blackdown album

Keysound LDN006

Dusk + Blackdown “Margins Music” (CD)

**Now available now at Boomkat on CD, 320 MP3 and FLAC, iTunes Plus, HMV and more**

1. “Darker than East ft Target (Roll Deep Entourage)”
2. "Con/Fusion ft Farrah”
3. "Lata VIP”
4. “Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl) ft Teji and Farrah”
5. “Rolling Raj Deep”
6. (Keysound Radio)
7. “Concrete Streets ft Durrty Goodz”
8. “The Bits ft Trim”
9. “dis/East”
10. “This is London”
11. (Keysound rain)
12. “Iqbal’s Groove ft Farrah”
13. “The Drumz of Nagano”
14. “Focus”

Listen to clips here

Keysound LDN005

Dusk + Blackdown (12”)

a) Dusk “Focus”
b) Dusk + Blackdown “Akkaboo”

Release: out now



Anonymous said...

Massive! I bet the CD will be awesome

Anonymous said...

jesus, that looks fucking AMAZING.

joetron2030 said...

Congrats on your first(?) full-length. Definitely looking forward to it.

Also, big thanks for writing the monthly Pitchfork column. Without you and it, I don't think I'd ever have come across a lot of the new music that I've enjoyed the most in the past couple of years.

Dubstep has been the perfect distillation of everything that grabs me musically.

I'm definitely indebted to you for that.

Blackdown said...

thanks joetron, glad the columns have been worth it. they take me ages.

hope you enjoy the CD when it drops :)

Anonymous said...

You what?!

Nice one. Now Lata VIP and Rolling Raj Deep for the second vinyl please

Anonymous said...

nice! looking forward to hearing these in the US!?!??!!

Anonymous said...

an yet another brapple!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely, evocative photo on the sleeve. look forward to hearing the record too....

Anonymous said...


Blackdown said...

you reckon? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! this is really something to look forward to

dubluke said...

will be an absolute joy to have focus & the album in my excited mitts, big up blackdown & dusk, still really enjoying the radio show and all the columns and blogs, big up

Blackdown said...

thanks bro, out to you!

selector.dub.u said...

I cannot wait to hear this album.
I have been loving the music you and dusk have done since the first piece of wax you guys made it to me here in california.

Keep up the great work and the excellent journalism as well.

ATOP said...

Hellz Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait man.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be INCREDIBLE. Can't wait for the release!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Can't wait - love the cover btw.

Ed said...

Is this out now then?

What spots are selling it, on- or offline?

Blackdown said...

Hey Ed,

It's due out July 14th in all shops worldwide and on digital services like iTunes.

The Focus 12" is due out 30th June.


Anonymous said...


Just bought 'Focus' - wicked tune!

Glad to know it takes someone else ages to write!

Perfection is key haha ; )

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT. The album can't possibly be half as good as this 12".

But maybe... just maybe...

(loving the Rinse show, btw)

Anonymous said...

Amazing album. I agree with anonymous, Rollin Raj Deep and Lata VIP for the next 12".

Big up!

Catch you on AIM soon bro...

- joenice

Blackdown said...

Thanks joe, bigup. You were the first person anywhere to play our beats in a club, so respect is due.

Anonymous said...

seckle here :). as i told you martin, its all about con/fusion, focus and kuri pataka. the album does go in a lot of directions, but those three tunes smash up the dance! we all saw what focus did at dub war!


Anonymous said...

and sharmaji here. the CD's been accompanying me on travels all this summer. really great, broad-spanning, specific-sounding music, boys! bless.

Hoxton Youth Council said...

Oh My Gosh - This is going to be deep

thewalker said...

nice album dude, its rocking this little spot of the burbs in aotearoa.

the steve reich tripped me out too!

Rumela said...

wow i guess you the city will be great. I will love to listen to it. they also make a great gift. I would love to present one to my niece who loves this kind of gifts.