Monday, December 08, 2008

Beak tuff

zomby's parrot, Rebel

The Zomby parrot quiz

Blackdown: I hear you're a parrot fan and owner, what kind of feathered friend do you have and what is his name?

Zomby: yeah he’s called rebel after rebel mc, he’s a Senegalese, I’ll buy a Congo African grey soon and call him Natty.

B: What is keeping a parrot like?

Z: Pretty fair-to-chillin, they demand a lot of attention and I mean you have to feed them and clean them out and tolerate being shit on and stuff but really it’s bless, like having a monkey with wings.

B: I love how you describe him just pottering around your house, twittering to himself. What kinds of noises do they make and which is your favourite?

Z: There’s various parrot noises as stock but then also like dub siren whistles and space fx twitters, he growls too if you vex him, my fave is the wonky shangooli lead he whistles.

B: What roughly different kinds of parrots are there and how are they different?

Z: There’s a few you know, hyacinth macaws are probably top of the tree for brains and size, they look pretty fucking rad, Congo African greys are good too, they’re bright and talk a lot, the Macaws are generally pretty arsey but they’re good fun too, and the Senegal which is like the Marmoset of the parrot world I suppose.

B: Parrots are reportedly very intelligent, have you seen this in action? Which type is smartest?

Z: The Hyacinth Macaw are the smartest. They’re fully switched on, but the average parrot isn’t a fool, mine seems fairly busy a lot of the time,

B: Parrots are reportedly emotional, have you seen this in action?

Z: Yeah kinda, he’ll get excited if your excited, like if I see a record on Discogs cheap and I’m buzzing, he’ll sqwawk with enthusiasm for the bargain.

B: What do you think Rebel thinks about mostly?

Z: Getting it on with Rihanna's parrot.

B: How does Rebel feel about your aquabases/aquacrunk/w**ky?

Z: He’s kinda into it I think, I mean he’s comfy enough to sit on me and crap while I’m playing synths... maybe he’s not feeling it actually.

B: How does Rebel feel about the Rebel MC?

Z: Yeah he’s a big fan you know. I know he likes a tune cuz he’s quiet as it plays. Otherwise he’s sqwaking in disapproval.

B: How does Rebel feel about YouTube?

Z: It’s a lot for him, he’s feeling a few vids. Lots of old skool and jungle mostly of course.

Zomby's top three parrot YouTube videos:

1. Einstein
2. Python
3. Kaja


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my favo

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parrots, is this prancehall's blog?

Blackdown said...

i'll try to stick to the incredibly worthy stuff from now on. wont happen again. sorry.

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nah - more like this one please

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Top jokes here.

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Seconded, loved the interview. Forwarded to lots of non-dubstep peeps. Keep it beakin'

Gabriel Heatwave said...


Elephant Man just got himself a pet peacock:

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Let me link to that properly:

Elephant Man gets himself a pet peacock

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i want more !