Friday, June 19, 2009

Rinse FM

We've got had our Rinse FM show this last thurs. Michael Jackson passed away while we were on the way to it, which was a bit odd. People kept saying about "MJ" but we thought they meant "MJ Cole."

Dusk + Blackdown on Rinse June 09


MJ Cole "Sincere (Wookie remix)" (Talkin' Loud)
Maxwell D "Serious (Jameson remix)" (4 Liberty Records)

MJ Cole "AO" (unreleased Prolific)
DVA "God Made Me Phunky" (Fantastic 4 EP)
Roska "Elevated Levels" (Elevated Levels EP)
Maxwell D and Sticky "Gully and Hype" (unreleased)
So Solid Crew "21 Seconds (DVA + Roska remix)" (unreleased)
Donae'o "Watching Her Move" (unreleased)

Roska "Holograph" (unreleased)
Roska "Our Father" (unreleased)
Princess Nyah "Big Things" (unreleased)
Martin Kemp "Aztec" (unreleased)
Shystie and Ill Blue "Pull It" (unrleased)
Blawan "Jackal Ter9's" (unreleased)

Skream "Repercussions of a Razorblade" (unreleased Swamp 81)
ID and Skinz "Blue" (unreleased Earwax)
Untold "Flexible" (unreleased)
Ramadanman "Oity" (unreleased)

** Zomby eski showcase**

Solar Ashes
Waterfalls of Ice
When It Rains it Pours
Zomby v Actress untitled

Joy Orbison "Hyph Mngo" (unrelased Hotflush)
Untold "Never Went Away" (unrelased)
Sbtrkt "Rundown" (unreleased)
Chef, Coki and Doctor "Stages" (unreleased)
Joy Orbison "Wet Look" (unrelased Hotflush)

BD1984 "Spaceboots (Starkey remix)"
SRC "Ryoku" (unreleased)
Silencer "Final Lap ft Stutta and Ghetts" (unreleased)
Silencer "Peakish" (Run the CD)
SRC "Goomba" (unreleased)
Plastician ft JME, Skepta, Tinchy Stryder, Fury "Tippin UK" (unreleased)
Unknown "RubiDubZ (Stagnant Remix)" (unreleased)
Ghetts "Don't Phone me remix ft Griminal, Little Nasty, Fumin" (unreleased)
Tinchy Stryder ft Ruff Sqwad "100%" (Star in the Hood)

Naphta "Soundclash 1 (Grievous Angel VIP)" (forthcoming Keysound)
DVA "Bullet A'Go Fly ft Badness, Riko, Flowdan and Killa P (Dusk + Blackdown remix)" (Keysound)
D.O.K. v Blackdown "D.O.K. v Blackdown" (dubplate)

NB: Don't forget to check the video Zomby made for "Mercury's Rainbow."


Anonymous said...

I'm not ready, could you delay it a bit?

Blackdown said...

yeah no problem. Tuesday 3rd, 2012?

Unknown said...

Hang on a sec. Post dated 19 June, Michael Jackson's death 25 June... You been dabbling in them dark arts again, Blackdown?

Blackdown said...

haha. think of the cash benefits involved with that kind of ESP!

Anonymous said...

roska is a lot this month

Anonymous said...

shit, I wana hear new zomby stuff. Will this be up for dl later?

Blackdown said...

Link live now ... :)

Anonymous said...

big show, really feelin those Joy Orbison for the future

cólz said...

Too much good stuff on this show. Zomby stuff is great!

sbtrkt said...

big ups as always . joy orbison is firing. thanks for the play. missing from the playlist tho

atoga said...

the zomby section is REALLY fresh & exciting. nicely done.

Anonymous said...

zomby bits are fresh!

Anonymous said...

i'll blow someone for that scratcha 21 seconds remix

Forbidden Siren said...

Blawan is a badman...

Tom Le Bree said...

The link is down, and the show looks incredible - is there any chance on re-uploading it?