Sunday, January 31, 2010


dusk blackdown glasgow gig feb 2010

As I sit here listening to the Keysound Skream 12" TP - Jason Transition has smacked it out of the park - 2010 is moving along nicely. First big gig is myself, Dusk and LHF in Glasgow on the 26th of Feb. Check the Facebook Group here.

LHF got some good news today, all will be revealed in the coming months but it's so exciting to see things progressing. After our Glasgow set, watch out for a London-based Keysound night in March too. Oh and myself and Dusk had some stratospheric, game-changing news come in on Wednesday for us as producers, more news as and when we get our heads around it all.


Unknown said...

Disappointed I'm gonna be missing this one (playing a show in poland), but best of luck. :) You'll have the Glasgow crowd eating out of your hand, trust!

blend said...

really kind of good work!