Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rinse April

Rinse FM

Rinse FM Dusk + Blackdown ft LV April 2010

Download the audio HERE.

Funkineven "She's Acid" (Eglo)
Kush Arora "Humidifier" (unreleased)
Martin Kemp "untitled" (unreleased)
Nehuen "Chased in the Woods" (Corsario Digital)
DJ Naughty "Quicktime (Roska remix)" (Roska Kicks & Snares)
DVA "New World Order" (DVA)
El-B and Noodles ft Natasha "I Feel" (unreleased)
Poirier "Gyal Secret Pictures ft MC Zulu (Baobinga remix) (unreleased)
Rishi Romero "African forest" (Made In NL)
XXXY "Blue Flashing Light" (Infra)
Mumdance "Smasher" (unreleased)
Grievous Angel "Badboy" (unreleased)
Danny Weed and Cage "Creeper (Maxwell D and Beans funky remix)" (unreleased)
DJ Naughty "Gearshift" (Roska Kicks & Snares)

***LV in the mix***

LV + MessageToBears + Zaki "Explode" (unreleased)
LV + Errol Bellot "Don't Joke with Love" (unreleased)
LV + Josh Idehen "Your Coat" (unreleased Keysound Recordings)
LV + Smiso "Boomslang" (unreleased)
Scratcha + LV "Dumpling" (unreleased)
Doc Shebeleza "Ebumnandini" (unreleased)
Jahcoozi "Specklshine (LV RMX)" (unreleased)
LV + Quarta330 "Hylo" (Hyperdub)

Rhiana "So Hard (Rahtid Sound remix)" (unreleased)
Compound One "Get Loose (Landslide remix) (unreleased Compound One)
Calibre "Tenopause" (forthcoming Deep Medi)
Double Helix "Shadow Of The City" (unreleased)
Vibzin "Hot 4 U" (unreleased)

Desto "Glass Clouds" (unreleased)
Terror Danjah "Air Bubble (Dark Tone Sound remix)" (unreleased)
Terror Danjah "Air Bubble (Mr Mitch remix) (unreleased)
D Double E "Streetfighter" (unreleased)
Footsie & SX "Woooo" (unreleased)
Terror Danjah "Air Bubble (Teeza remix) (unreleased)
Mr Mitch "Fright Night (SRC remix)" (unreleased)
P Money and Sukh Night "Slang" (unreleased True Tiger)
Rudekid "Lush remix" (No Hats No Hoods)
Yeti "Bamboo" (unreleased)


Anonymous said...

excellent, lookin forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Blackdown that show was decent, here's the audio:

fractal said...

amazing show blackdown & dusk! love the amount of variety this month!!

Anonymous said...

i love your mixes and everything you have to say, but i sometimes get the feeling alot of the tunes you choose are influenced alot by the fact they are unrealeased, almost if its released you wont play it, is it to show your superiority to the rest of us mortals that will never lay hands on alot of these tunes

Blackdown said...


I wanna address this last comment, as it's really key to us. Yes it's true that we don't play released music. We sometimes dont even play big unreleased tunes that other DJs are playing, in favour of other tunes those DJs are not.


We try and play as we'd like to hear other DJs play. We try to hold ourselves up to the standards we've seen other DJs set. I'm NOT saying we've got there yet, but we were inspired by DJs like Hatcha, Slimzee, Kode9, Mala, Maximum, Doc Scott etc, who have all shaped their scenes using powerful upfront selections.

Playing in a club or on Rinse is a privilege - one we dont seek to abuse. When we go out to see other DJs, we look to have our jaws drop, we crave that "wft?" moment, when you've heard something that you've never heard before.

Turning up on Rinse and playing a bunch of the tune available at Boomkat would be letting people who listen to our show down. If I hear a DJ doing that I think to myself 'I have all those records, so does half the crowd: why should you be up there DJing?' So we hold ourselves up to that standard.

Selection is a powerful tool. We hate how dubstep has been dominated by wobble, how grime has been sidelined by 'tastemakers', how 2step & funky is written off by dubsteppers. A positive reaction to this is to select the freshest new beats and shape them into something coherent, and push things forward.

So it's less showing "superiority" more respect to "the rest of us" who take the time to lock in for some new sounds.

namhenderson said...

Selection is a powerful tool
Word up...

Anonymous said...

Any chance to get the link working again for the download or maybe you could point me in the right direction to download some of your mixes

Regarding the fact that you play many unreleased tracks, you should understand that many DJ's don't have that option and you should feel blessed. Many of the unreleased tracks up an coming DJ's have access too are not up to the standards they hold for their set.

Yes being wowed by songs I have never heard before is amazing. The feeling of the whole club not knowing what the fuck is being mixed in but then watching them slowly get into it as the song played is awesome. I also really appreciat a well thought out set that takes you on a journey and is mixed in an interesting way of songs that I HAVE heard before.

Love the music and I am loving your blog!