Monday, June 21, 2010

Who are the keepers of the light?


Who Are The Keepers of the Light? Group Mix

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Protect & Serve - Octaviour
Lucid - Solar Man
Sono Luminessence - Double Helix
Life Age - Double Helix
Hot Steppin - Double Helix
Dream Catcher - Amen Ra
Dreamers Lament - Double Helix
Candy Rain - Amen Ra
Chamber of Light - Double Helix
No Love - Amen Ra vs NFA
The Gap - Double Helix ft Solar Man
Supreme Architecture - Double Helix
Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition) - NFA
Solo - LDM
Pranayama - Amen Ra

LHF "EP1: Enter in Silence" is out June 28th on 12" but in Boomkat now and on digital. Listen to it here.

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cólz said...

Great solstice surprise, cheers