Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amsterdam october

So looks like I'm going to be in Amsterdam the weekend of 24th/25th/26th of September October 23/24th, visiting my mate Deep Thought.

Now it's just as easy for me to pack a bunch of dubs and some upfront Keysounds as not, so if you run a bar or a club and fancy a b2b between myself and Mr Deep Thought, be it UK funky, dubstep, grime or housier ish, then send me an email martin_clark7 at hotmail dot com is the one. (I'm coming anyway and have somewhere to crash, so that's all sorted).

Anyone got a connect?

EDIT: Ohh turns out someone does! Catch me and Deep Thought b2b at COCTAIL NIGHT OT301, a former squat now a venue on September 25th. 2 hour set!

EDIT2 OK some technicals means I cant come in September now... coming October 23/24th instead.

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