Monday, May 09, 2011

Rinse FM May 2011 (delayed from April)

Our Rinse FM show from Tues 10th is here. Leave a comment, lemme know what you're feeling...

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM May 2011 (delayed from April)

Bias & Gurley “Roll” [forthcoming Keysound]
Bias & Gurley Roll (Blackdown’s a debt repaid remix) [forthcoming Keysound]
Beneath “Bubble” [unreleased]
Spells of Yoruba “Gel Abri l ( Seany B Tribal house remix)” [unreleased]
CRST “Roulette” [Ten Thousand Yen]
Funkystepz “Shocker” [unreleased]
Lil Silva “Cheese and Bun”[Good Years]
G Smallz “Call of Duty” [unreleased]
NDV “Mind Over Matters” [Botanika]
Sully “Let You” [unreleased]
Untold “Nice Story Bro” [Hessle]
Joy O “Elipsis” [unreleased]
Arcade “Contrincante” [S&C]
G Smallz “Daydreamer” [free giveaway]
Vessel “Ton” [Left Blank]
Teeth “Shawty VIP” [unreleased]
TDK Alliance “Locked on” [unreleased]
Kastle “Time Traveller” [Secluciasis]
Goldffinch “Rat Face” [unreleased]

Desto "Final Chamber" [unreleased]
Visionist “Sodium” [unreleased]
D1 “Subzero” [Hessle]
Dizzee Rascal “Stand Up Tall (Kid Smpl remix)” [unreleased]
Kele “On the Lam (CRST Remix)” [Glassnote]
Sunship “Cheque One, Two (DJ Spooky refix)” [unreleased]
Matt Flynn “Empire” [unreleased]
P Money, Blacks & Slickman “Boo Yoo” [Forthcoming Butterz]
Zoltan “Beat It (Sines Bmoe Gutta Remix)” [unreleased]
L Wiz “4 42 Oz” [Forthcoming Kapsize]
Mr Mitch “The Advocate” [Boogaloo City]
Redinho “Edge Off” [Forthcoming Numbers]
Young Montana “Sacre Cool” [Alpha Pup Records]


wenmusik said...

please give us a tracklist! well enjoyed this one, too many big tunes

fractal said...

Sully - Let You is so much goodness! Fantastic show as usual Gents

Anonymous said...

When is that Sully track going to get released?