Monday, May 07, 2012

Rinse April

Dusk & I were back on Rinse Thurs 26th 11-1am.

DOWNLOAD the audio. 

Rudimental "Deep In The Valley ft. MC Shantie (Woz Remix)" [unreleased]
Marcus Nasty and Funk Butcher "Public Service Announcement" [WeRBass]
Visionist "Danger" [unreleased]
Ill Blu "Late Night" [unreleased]
Roska "You Dun Kno" [forthcoming Rinse]
Walter Ego "Messeh" [Bootlegs]
Beneath "Witches"[unreleased]
Sleeepin' Giantz (aka Zed Bias & Rodney P) "Badungdeng" [forthcoming Tru Thoughts]
Jon E Cash "War (Grievous Angel refix)" [unreleased]
Mr Casual "Sublotec" [unreleased]
Roska "Badman feat. Sweetie Irie" [forthcoming Rinse]
Nocturnal Sunshine (aka Maya Jane Coles) "Meant to Be" [DJ-Kicks]
Roska "OnRinseSinceZeroEight" [forthcoming Rinse]
Emma "Marina" [unreleased]
Grievous Angel "Your Love Will Never Be Enough For Me" [unreleased]
FBOM "Hoods Up" [forthcoming]
LokiBoi "One House (Mista Men Mr Bumps House Remix)" [unreleased]

Wen "Spark It" [unreleased]
Logos "Devils" [unreleased]
Moleskin "Slow Dancing with Ms haversham to Moments in Love in Satis House" [unreleased]
Moleskin "Thru the Rain" [unreleased]
Comma "Mezcal Hologram" [Frite Nite]
Octaviour v LDM (LHF) "Retitled" [unreleased]
Buzzin10 "StringTing" [forthcoming Frijsfo]
Octaviour (LHF) "I Carry Message" [unreleased]
Cluekid "GRIM" [forthcoming Aquatic Lab]

Baobinga & ID ft Rider Shafique "Gun Talk (Kahn RMX)" [Build]
Phon.O "Slavemode" [forthcoming 50 Weapons]
Guido "Flow (Instrumental)" [unreleased]
Whistla "My Father and I (Remix)" [forthcoming L2S]
Gremino "Rupi (140 VIP)" [unreleased]
SRC "Red Shirt" [unreleased]
Guido "Africa" [unreleased]
Mr Mitch "Junior" from "Searching, Volume 1: Venus", free download - send
"searching" to to get it]
Dusk & Blackdown "Don't Stop (Give it to Me)" [unreleased]
SRC "Milkshake" [unreleased]

Joss Ryan "Melancholy Dreams (Slick Shoota remix)" [DVA Music]
Kowton "Jam003 (Desto refix)" [unreleased]

  • Download all the Dusk & Blackdown Rinse shows to 2008 HERE.

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