Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do you heart music?

So, I was hoping some of you lot could help me out.

An exciting startup is looking for people who are passionate about expressing their opinions on music. Any type of music - it doesn't matter - all that's required is some genuine enthusiasm.  (Don't worry, they're safe: trust me.)

If you're into music, to a certain extent open to trying new types of social media and are interested, leave your email in a blog comment. I won't publish the comment but will be in touch directly. Alternatively you can Tweet me or send me a FB message.

Nuff said :)

[UPDATE] WOW, you lot are up for it!!!! If you left a comment, thanks I'll be in touch.


Benjamin Allen said...

i heart music too. MIMM .

Matt Bayfield said...

Good evening, sadly I seemed to have missed this post before now. Is it too late to register my interest?

Regards: MB

Anonymous said...

Did this get put on hold, or have I slipped through the net? I got an email back a while ago saying something about invites but I've heard nothing since.