Monday, September 21, 2009

Rinse September

Rinse FM

We were back on Rinse FM Thursday 24th at 11pm.

DOWNLOAD it here.

Tracklist Dusk + Blackdown Rinse September 2009

Slackk "Fire Flies" (unreleased)
Lethal B and Donae'o "Flap Your Wings" (unreleased)
Ozzie B "Maybeee Ting" (unreleased)
Roska "Without It" (unreleased)
Dusk + Blackdown "Dasaflex" (unreleased)
Maxwell D "Iron Monkey" (unreleased)
Unknown "Because of You (Zed Bias club mix)" (unreleased)
Geiom "Luna" (Soul Motive)

Silkie "The Horisons (Funky Hackmann refix)" (unreleased)
Mark Pritchard/Blen "Africa Hitech" (unreleased)
Hard House Banton and $tush "We Nuh Run" (unreleased)
Grievous Angel "Move Down Low" (Souljazz)
Geeneus ft Katie B "Good Life" (unreleased)

Desto "Cold refix" (unreleased)
Sully "The Loot remix" (forthcoming Keysound)
Geiom + Dawn Treader "Toscani" (unreleased)
Basement Jaxx "Scars" (Sbtrkt remix)" (unreleased XL)
D1 "Just Business" (unreleased)

***LHF Showcase part II ***

"Blue Steel"

Kryptic Minds "768" (unreleased Tectonic)
SP "Taiko" (Tempa)
Peverelist "Jarvik Mindstate" (unreleased Punch Drunk)
Skream "Sweetz" (unreleased Keysound)
Starkey "Black Monolith" (unreleased)
Starkey ft Badness "OK Luv" (unreleased)
Ikonika "Fish"(unreleased Hyperdubstep)
Lethal B and Silencer "Don't Run It Up" (unreleased)


Anonymous said...

I was at school/on a different continent, how'd it go?

Anonymous said...

What do you think of FaltyDL?

Anonymous said...

That D1 tune... BIG

Anonymous said...

FaltyDL is sick,imho

for some reason his music fills me with a sense of nostalgia

Anonymous said...

Sick mix, download it here.

Blackdown said...

i like FaultyDL btw, a little figety but cool. Drew's cool too. why?

Anonymous said...

Ikonika "Fish"(unreleased Hyperdubstep)

oh LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL at Hyperdubstep

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, everyone else is freaking out over Falty, just wondered what you thought of the hype. (Personally I'm buying into it totally, love it.)

David M said...

great stuff, well feelin that "Dasaflex" experiment, hope there's more on it's way :)